15-494/694 Cognitive Robotics:
2017 Final Projects

Optic Flow for Door and Obstacle Detection

Bryan Lee and Jianing Qian

  • Use textured wallpaper as features.
  • Find doors by looking for gaps in feature clusters.
  • Use door edges to align robot for perfect travel.
  • Use optic flow to detect obstacles without markers.
  • Slides

Tic-Tac-Toe Player: Robot vs. Robot

Luka Jelenak and Viren Bajaj

  • Two robots playing tic-tac-toe on a physical board.
  • Use vision to detect moves.
  • Manipulate physical game pieces.
  • Slides and Video

Tic-Tac-Toe Player: Voice Controlled

Vince Liu and Michelle Deng

  • Two robots playing tic-tac-toe on a physical board.
  • Humans use speech to choose moves; robots execute them.
  • Manipulate physical game pieces.
  • Slides

Object Manipulation: Cubes

David Kyle

  • Changing the orientation of a cube with minimal translation.
  • Building a wall by tightly lining up cubes.
  • Interacting with magnetic cubes (grasp, transport, release).
  • Slides

Object Manipulation: Chips and Balls

Jack Lance

  • Getting an object away from a wall or corner.
  • Separating an object from a pile.
  • Capturing a ball with a loop and moving it around.
  • Slides and videos: 1, 2, 3

Maze Navigation Without Markers

Keith Yeung and Justin Zhao

  • Recognize walls using optic flow, IR reflectance, or detecting wall/floor edges.
  • Map the maze.
  • Find a goal object in the maze.
  • Plan a path to get the object out of the maze, and execute.
  • Slides

Object Learning

Ardavan Bidgoli

  • Use the Inception convolutional neural net to learn to recognize objects from Cozmo camera images.
  • Detect object presence, not full pose.
  • Possibly determine whether the object is in the left or right half of the image, or centered.
  • Slides

Multi-Robot Chip Sorting

Connor Forney

  • Use color images to classify chips.
  • Visually recognize containers.
  • Multi-robot coordination to bring robots together.
  • Use "forklift" to transport chip to second robot.
  • Second robot uses "dustpan" to put chip in container.
  • Slides and Video

Cozmo's Magic Dream House

Raphael LaPorte

  • Three-story house with working elevator.
  • Enter and leave the house.
  • Navigate between rooms, and between floors.
  • Operate the elevator by pressing a button.
  • Move objects around within the house.

Improved Motion Primitives

Brandon Price and David Lindenbaum

  • Use machine learning to self-calibrate move and turn actions.
  • Write an improved algorithm for approaching and picking up light cubes.
  • Better failure detection and recovery for cube pick-up.
  • Object pushing or tumbling operations.
  • Slides

Cozmo Draws

Josh Ardito and Rachel Nakamura

  • Show Cozmo an image and he extracts the major edges, and draws them as a sequence of lines and arcs.
  • Uses some image processing code to reduce an image to broad strokes.
  • Requires a pen attachment to the lift, and software to control it.
  • Slides

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