Thomas M. Stricker

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Graduate Student, Computer Science

Mailing address (no longer valid):
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891

Office (no longer valid):
Wean Hall 8117
Tel (voice) 412-268-2580
Tel (fax) 412-268-5576 Attn: tomstr.

Whereabouts (no longer valid):

Research Keywords: (kept current)
Computer architecture and networking. Modelling and design of communication systems for massively parallel computers and high performance networking. Applied parallel algorithms. Compiler-, operating-system- and run-time-library- support for fast communication. In search for new applications beyond scientific computing.

Publications: (kept current)
Selected papers of the iWarp project.
Recent papers in Communication Architecture.
Selected papers of the Fx compiler project.
List of all my papers authored/coauthored.

Research Projects: (old projects)
iWarp distributed memory parallel computer project
Fx parallel compiler project
1993 Student research guide entry.

Current projects (no longer current):
Non computer science Interests:
Travel, airline and train schedules, skiing, botany (orchidaceae), politics (world affairs).

My Web interface to the CMU events database cboard:
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Release of my fast transposes for the Cray T3D:

Fast transposes at PSC

Local URL if transposes at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center not available

Fast transposes local (last updated Jan 1, 1996)