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Login: tomstr         			Name: Thomas Stricker
Directory: /afs/
Mail is forwarded to      
CS-interests:     Communication systems for parallel and distributed
                  computing. Message passing system on iWarp, T3Ds...
                  Memory systems performance of communication operations.

Old Address:      Prof. Thomas M. Stricker
                  Institut fuer Computersysteme
                  ETH Zentrum / RZ H14
                  Clausiusstrasse 59
                  CH-8092 Zuerich
                  ~41 1 632 7316 (voice) ~41 1 632 1307 (fax)

Very old Home Address in Pittsburgh see csd - internal only.
Very Old Address: School of Computer Science
                  Carnegie Mellon University
                  5000 Forbes Avenue
                  Pittsburgh PA 15213-3891
                  (412) 268 2580, Fax: (412) 268 5576 Attn:tomstr@cs

Idle times on "" are no longer acurate,
try finger, if you are lucky the transatlantic
link has capacity to carry a few more bytes...

As of today - ten years later - there is plenty of bandwidth to
relay a finger request to Europe, but I left ETH and the good old 
Sun SPARC4 has long been scrapped. But maybe you  
once read that urban legend of a faithful server that was running for
decades because it was accidentally put behind a dry wall and forgotten 
there... so try finger or ping