EHN's Reading List

Links to texts, excerpts, quotations and notes acquired during recreational reading.


  1. Baudelaire, Charles, The Flowers of Evil
  2. Burroughs, William S., Interzone
  3. Burroughs, William S. (w/Daniel Odier), The Job
  4. Burroughs, William S., Letter From A Master Addict
  5. Burroughs, William S., Naked Lunch
  6. Burroughs, William S., Salt Chunk Mary
  7. Burroughs, William S., Testimony Concerning a Sickness
  8. Céline, Louis-Ferdinand, Journey to the End of the Night
  9. Chopra, D., Psychopathology of the Average: Steps to Self-Realization
  10. Cohen, Sidney, Wire Up, Plug In, and Buzz
  11. Fletcher, Horace, The Definition of Fearthought
  12. Hendee, S. W., Hallucinating in Paradise
  13. Hesse, Herman, Steppenwolf
  14. Hofmann, Albert, LSD - My Problem Child
  15. Huxley, Aldous, The Doors of Perception
  16. Jackson, Michael, The Pocket Guide to Beer
  17. James, William, The Subjective Effects of Nitrous Oxide
  18. Kandinsky, Wassily, On Spirituality in Art
  19. Lasch, Christopher, The Culture of Narcissism
  20. Lautréamont, Le Comte de, Les Chants de Maldoror
  21. Lee, Martin A. and B. Shlain, Acid Dreams: The History of LSD
  22. Lewin, Bertram D., M.D., The Psychoanalysis of Elation
  23. Masters, R. and J. Houston, The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience
  24. McClain-Furmanski, Dennis, The THIQ Hypothesis
  25. Moore, Thomas, Care of the Soul
  26. Pearson, R. S., Rubber Blue Biodegradable Robot
  27. Shulgin, Alexander, and Ann Shulgin, PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story
  28. Tagore, Rabindranath, Gitanjali: Song Offerings

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