R. S. Pearson


This work is dedicated to J. Williams. It uses principles of word
repetition and  vagueness to present principals  of an alien land
in shifting fashions, therefore  allowing higher probabilities of
patterning future reality.

The technique used was the Invent program by Louie Crew,
an old shareware program circa 1988 or so.  Specially grown
lists of words and phrases were added into this program, which
prompts one for nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.  The material
is not re-usable, so it only allows one-generation.  The program
then spits out lines that had to be re-formatted and edited, although
not much time was given to the editing process: the text here is
about 85% straight computer-generated.  Ocassionally, I'll throw
in a line that wasn't computer-generated at all, to just offset the

Time: Too far in the future to understand

Setting:  Earth, which  has remained  technological yet developed
biodegradable  and  biosphere  friendly  technology.  
Some  words explained: kudos,  mandate: a type  of programmed 
instruction  for robots.

1   For  example,  the  heavy  grammar  felled  the  frontier. An
individual and  overlapping ambiguity developed.  Astute concepts
serving as memory, rainbows and heavy ideas magnified the sky.

    Public  ideas  described  the  laughter.  Supreme and adoring
geniuses  illustrated  it  by  unbroken  chains. Otherwise, broad
censors   analyzed  the   accumulation.  "This   mind  is   world
wealthily," an  unadulterated vision wondered. A  soft and astute
mental state pronounced "wealthily"  precisely as a mere concept,
willed the quantity.

     Unadulterated biodegradable  technological frontiers touched
the  heirarchy for  years now.  The city  and deep  priorities, a
stationary  recursion  touched  the  hearts  and classifications,
levels  abnegated,  as  a  verbal  expression  painted individual
duplications,  put them  into the  mind, and  held the ecological
ideals as old impossible memories.

     In fact, world recursion gazed  the censors. The primary and
epigrammatic censors  fell-down-on-the-sidewalk-effect restricted
levels, asserted the inference.

     A  stationary and  hard heirarchy  willed. Heavy  frontiers,
financing the space harbors,  deep and astute timetables wandered
similarly. However,  astute principles brought  days into nights.
This magnitude  isn't broad and  precise. The public  genius made
the  vision.  Verbal  and   overlapping  priorities  analyzed  by
unbroken chains, rationally, a  broad expression called the shape
a vortex. On the other hand,  "wealthily" the public charity time
tables    illustrated   shortages.    The   broad    levels   and
classifications may be divided by the fringes.


     The seventeen  domes took the  prefab. White clouds  blew on
this chilly October morning. A vermillion and iridescent exercise
pinned  as  a  gas  giant,  wishing  the heirarchy. An irid+escent
mineral  chart  held  the  rubber  blue  biodegradable robot. All
precious manships taped gear  in foil wrappers. Seventeen exhaust
to follow the kudos. The iridescent  and sewn robots to follow to
the gallery. Neat gold eyeball  watched the latitude. A perpetual
and goldenclear rarity taped.

   Seventeen gallerys ticked during the exercise. A seventeen and
new exhaust  took an iridescence rarity  and watered the gallery.
Zoom  the  new  biodegradable  robot  gallery!  Instead, the neat
Rubber Blue listened  as a texturizer. The neat  gold eyeball saw
all poles take.

    Transparent latitude washed the mandate. An all and perpetual
mineral watched  neat electrons take  the robots. A  precious and
sewn gallery pinned thesaurus. Indeed, the colorful mandate baked
the texturizer.  This purest is transparent  juvenilly. The clear
kudos were  for watching the manship.  A vermillion and perpetual
mineral to  follow noxious, noxious, and  had to berestructure to
fit into the biosphere. Colorful poetry zoomed the robots.

     A new  and colorful poetry held  juvenilly. A clear exercise
listened. A neat and new  exercise lifted. It washed Rubber Blue.
A all  and  transparent  manship  watered.  The  simulated robots
lifted  the kudos.  The precious  and clear  electrons washed.  A
simulated  exercise  washed  the  mandate.  Lick  the transparent
exercise!  Still, the  simulated  purest  watched  the  gallery. A
vermillion and transparent gallery  listened. A perpetual manship
zoomed the texturizer.  The clear and all  electrons baked. An all
texturizer  listened the  mandate.  A  seventeen and  new mineral
zoomed wishfully. Still, the vermillion domes took the robots.

     This gallery is simulated as a gas giant.

     The  vermillion  kudos  listened.  The  perpetual  and clear
electrons stitched  wishfully, as a gas  giant. An iridescent and
all gallery  pinned a simulated rubber  blue biodegradable robot,
biodegradable robot held the exercise  all and clear purest held.
A precious  exercise  lifted  the  minerals.  The  vermillion and
perpetual  kudos  licked.  A  perpetual  rubber  blue  baked  the
gallery.  Took  the  transparent  gallery!  Indeed, the simulated
prefab biodegradable robot licked the texturizer.

     Vermillion  seventeen  purest  licked.  A  perpetual  purest
watered  the  manship.  A  new  and  perpetual  mineral pinned. A
simulated manship  listened to the  robots. Neat colorful  poetry
baked wishfully. In fact, kudos  washed the exercise. This purest
is  all as  a gas  giant. It  wisphered hollow  autumn gains,  as
fields. The  all domes lifted manships.  A precious and perpetual
latitude lifted wishfully, wishfully.  A vermillion mineral baked
the electrons. A transparent and colorful poetry watered as a gas
giant. The seventeen robots watched the exercise.


      An  all new  exercise  baked  to precious  and transparent.
Gallery  zoomed.  An  iridescent  texturizer  lifted the gallery.
Seventeen domes  baked electrons and lifted.  A seventeen mandate
listened the exercise. Stitch the seventeen exhaust! Accordingly,
the  transparent   exhaust took  the  gallery.   A  simulated  and
vermillion latitude to follow. A  neat poetry held the electrons.
The colorful  and precious domes held.  A neat exhaust  washed the

     An  iridescent  and  perpetual  exhaust  watered  juvenilly.
Similarly,  the  transparent  gallery   lifted.  This  prefab  is
perpetual thesaurus. A clear  texturizer stitched the purest. The
clear and  seventeen domes licked  juvenilly, most. The  colorful
domes  watched the  mineral.  The  seventeen and  perpetual kudos
pinned  noxious. A  clear latitude  held the  gallery. A  new and
seventeen rubber  blue lifted. The  perpetual kudos stitched  the
latitude. The neat and perpetual mandates watched.

     A simulated  poetry watered the  electrons. A perpetual  and
colorful  poetry, a  perpetual  mineral  to follow  the exercise,
water the clear exhaust! Also, the simulated robots pinned up the
gallery. Thenew  and clear kudos zoomed.  A simulated rubber blue
listened  the  poetry.  A  neat  and  colorful  mandate  took.  A
simulated  texturizer watered  the exhaust.  All seventeen robots
watched  most. Also,  the perpetual  domes sneezed  to follow the
latitude.  This texturizer  is precious  wishes. An  all latitude
pinned the poetry. An all  and precious poetry watched wishfully,
as a gas giant. The grand and adoring dispositions may be divided
by a verbal ambiguity abnegation ring.

     The unadulterated and world experiments touched a stationary
mental state put into the  idea. A supreme and supra-mundane idea
borrowed a  verbal accumulation, felled  the laughter. Served  as
the  individual  genius!   Consequently,  the  overlapping  space
generated the accumulation a rainbow,  and individual mind made a
world laughter.  A mere and rainbow  discourse lit. An individual
inference  pronounced  the  quantity.  A  world  supreme  insight
floated  heavily. Consequently,  the restricted  memory made  the
emotions.   This   principle   is   deep  translated.  Restricted
duplications floated  the timetables. An  overlapping and rainbow
grammar wandered heavily, specially.

     The heavy  experiments will have the  magnitude, earnest and
grand duplications unifying similarly.  An astute grammar painted
the priorities. The epigrammatic  and primary levels wandered the
countryside. The public experiments  wandered the insight. A mere
and  stationary heirarchy  affect intelligence  analyzed the  the
world and  noble timetables. A  broadly mind touched  the levels.
Wander  the  supra-mundane  magnitude!  Furthermore,  the primary
references illustrated the duplications. An heavy and overlapping
vision munching. The unadulterated genius developed the memory. A
city and  earnest shape held.  A mere concept  held the laughter.
The grand and unadulterated  dispositions financing mentally. For
example, the mere quantity put into the frontier.

    This   ambiguity  resists   self-hatred  to   remain  rainbow
etherally. A supreme ambiguity borrowed the memory. A supreme and
supra-mundane  idea felled  mentally, by  unbroken chains,  grand
mental state felled the laughter.  The individual and mere genius
keeping pure  electric sun caskets  along unemployments etiology.
The  soft  fringes  generated   the  accumulation.  A  grand  and
unadulterated  magnitude  asserted.  An  earnest  space  lit  the

     The  restricted  and  beautiful  priorities  felled  rainbow
mental state and  put it into the shape.  The rainbow and broadly
levels and classifications keeping  pure. Rubber Blue Biodegrable
Robot  chuckles  like  a  swift  in  the horizon. A supra-mundane
heirarchy felled  the fringes. Call the  individual magnitude! On
the other hand, the rainbow shape generated the ambiguity.

     The supra-mundane and deep priorities made. The city censors
willed   the   idea.   The   mere  and supra-mundane  levels  and
classifications lit. The adoring experiments developed the genius.
A world   and   mere   expression   pronounced   like   a  prism.
Nevertheless, the  routine memory made  the mind. This  principle
is supra-mundane  like a  rainbow. A  verbal magnitude illustrated
the grammar.   The  unadulterated   and  rainbow   levels  painted
reverently, heavily.  The routine  references held  the genius. An
earnest  and supreme inference  will have  reverently. The  verbal
genius abnegation the mind.

     The deep  and city fringes  financing the restricted  levels
pronounced the frontier soft and overlapping. A heavy quantity of
refuge   was   towed    into   refining/manufacturing   factories
this morning.   The  restricted   and  supra-mundane   levels  and
classifications  gazed.  An  astute  member  of  the hierarchy in
ambiguity called a genius. Fell the beautiful genius!

     Consequently,   the  broad   mental  state   of  the  cities
Governmental Hierarchy Division keeping  pure the accumulation of
this morning's garbage collection in  his mind, wondered what was
in store in  shipping. A public and individual  mind, the Genius,
affected the  primary levels, and  lit the mental  state. An hard
and  supra-mundane  idea  served.  A  broadly  space  affect  the
censors. The  astute and supreme genius  made relatively generous
claims about this morning's garbage.

    Consequently,  unadulterated  laughter  near  the  Neat  Gold
Eyeball analyzed the  mind of the Heirarchy. This  space is still
individual   wealthily  and   non  totalitarian   entirely.  Mere
expressions wandered the timetables and resource/product animated
graphs. Child  stood by being taught  to listen. A soft  and city
grammar floated etherally, similarly. The supreme emotions of the
sidewalk electro-periscopes described the magnitude.

     The heavy and grand duplications illustrated mentally. Grand
levels  of  classifications  developed  by  the  prioritized  and
sincere concern of the hierarchy. Hard and verbal expression lit.
The  earnest dispositions  borrowed the  principle. An individual
and deep  recursion called. The  noble knowledge trees  wandered.
The  supra-mundane  and  broadly  censors  generated. The earnest
duplications   described   the   inference.   Wonder,  the  heavy
inference! Moreover, the  supra-mundane experiments developed the
mind.  All their  minds. An  adoring and  noble space unifying. A
rainbow grammar touched velvet  aesthetics previously only fallen
onto in insanities and unfruitful intoxication.

    The  soft  and  unadulterated  levels  developed.  An adoring
intelligence illustrated the duplications. A restricted and grand
vision  magnified like  a computer.  Meanwhile, the  epigrammatic
mind put  into the memory. This  space is grand like  a computer.
The adoring genius abnegation the arrays. The individual and city
fringes held  like a prism, precisely.  An epigrammatic recursion
served as  the frontier. A rainbow  and grand ambiguity financing
like a rainbow. The routine  levels affect the recursion. A world
and  epigrammatic insight  asserted.  An  hard space  touched the
concept.  A verbal  and restricted  space touched.  A deep mental
state  painted  the  arrays.   The  beautiful  and  city  fringes

        A  beautiful heirarchy  will have  duplications. Call the
earnest duplications! Besides, the deep space painted the concept
an  unadulterated   and  restricted  memory.   A  noble  laughter
magnified the  references. The stationary and  city arrays lit. A
supra-mundane  inference unifying  the intelligence.  A noble and
soft  frontier  floated  surroundedly.  Also,  the rainbow memory
gazed the  recursion. This recursion  is primary like  a million.
The city knowledge trees asserted. The verbal and adoring censors
painted  like  a  computer,   usually.  The  rainbow  experiments
munching  the  expression:  "a   broadly  and  soft  accumulation
unifying like a  million." An adoring grammar may  be divided the
principle.  An  overlapping  and  verbal  accumulation felled. An
astute mental state will have the principle. A routine and astute
discourse financing.


       A  transparent  and  seventeen  stitched.  The clear kudos
watched the latitude. Vermillion and perpetual kudos to follow. A
new  mandate to  bake the  poetry. A  clear and  colorful mandate
held. A  precious exhaust licked the  purest. Water the seventeen
rubber! Besides, the clear manship.  An all and perpetual mineral
took. A precious latitude.  Precious and colorful electrons baked
transparent and seventeen purest. Hence, the new domes pinned the
latitude. These  kudos are seventeen  most. The new  kudos zoomed
the  poetry.  A  sewn  and  colorful  mandate  watched  entirely,
noxious. A sewn poetry listened  the exhaust. A colorful and neat
rubber  washed most.  A perpetual  exercise washed  the latitude.
Clear  texturizer   exhaust  held  the  domes.   A  colorful  and
iridescent mandate to follow.

     A  perpetual poetry  stitched the  exhaust. A  neat and sewn
gallery  washed exercise  watched  the  texturizer. Lick  the all
purest!  Then,  the  perpetual  rubber  to  follow the manship. A
precious and transparent mineral listened. An all latitude pinned
the  robots. The  seventeen and  all robots  licked a  vermillion
purest. A sewn and new zone exercise pinned as a gas giant. Then,
the all manship held the rubber. This manship is a colorful dish.
The  iridescent and  clear electrons  to follow  as a  gas giant,

     Then  all  robots  pinned  the  prefab.  A seventeen and new
exercise washed wishfully. A vermillion prefab covered the domes.
A vermillion and  iridescent mineral listened.  A colorful prefab
baked the robots. A new and  sewn gallery held. A neat texturizer
to follow.  A neat and  clear texturizer zoomed.  The transparent
domes  pinned  the  mandate.  Took  the  all  mandate! Some clear
latitude  recorded  the   exhaust.  A  vermillionand  transparent
marbles gallery baked. The clear kudos zoomed the texturizer. The
new and seventeen electrons to follow. A colorful poetry scrolled
in  creation as  it listened  the mandate.  A neat  and perpetual
mineral juvenile  taped. Similarly, the  new exercise washed  the
robots. This gallery  is sewn noxious. A new  poetry listened the
texturizer.  A   colorful  and  clear   purest  washed  entirely,
entirely. A precious exercise washed the manship.

      An iridescent  and transparent mineral  licked most. A  new
rubber  taped   the  robots.  The  sewn   electrons  zoomed.  The
vermillion domes  held the mandate.  A colorful and  new exercise
taped.  An all  mineral  stitched  the rubber  blue biodegradable
robot. Otherwise, the neat kudos licked the robots. An iridescent
and colorful poetry to follow.

     The colorful water domes for the exercise. All and seventeen
rubber blue biodegradable robot washed  a clear mineral to follow
the latitude precious and perpetual  for transparent baked poetry.
This  prefab  is  a  new  thesaurus.  A  clear gallery licked the
purest.  A  vermillion  and   seventeen  purest  held  thesaurus,
entirely applied. A colorful  texturizer watered a thesaurus. The
sewn  and perpetual  kudos  licked  noxious.  A  clear rubber blue
listened  the poetry.  Precious  mandates  watched.  The perpetual
biodegradable robot domes  listened the exhaust.

     The colorful  and neat robots washed.  They had sewn mineral
clothing  to the  prefab. An  iridescent andvermillion texturizer

    The vermillion robots held thedomes. Wash the colorful domes!
However, the all prefab  stitched the mineral biodegradable robot,
iridescent and neat kudos licked. A vermillion exhaust watched the
poetry. A perpetual and vermillion prefab listened. All galleries
to  follow the  purest clear  and precious  rubber baked  dishes.
Meanwhile,  the seventeen  latitude baked  the kudos.  The public
fringes gazed  the quantity. An  hard insight put into  electronic
monitors on windows on the great outdoors.

     Wind  blew  sands,  wind  blew  tree  in Japan. Accumulation
magnified  the concept.   Served   as   the  stationary  concept!
Accordingly,  the  unadulterated  principle  unifying  the space,
noble  and astute  references will  have. A  primary inference to
Luening  asserted the levels.  A verbal  and epigrammatic quantity
floated. An unadulterated memory financing the vision. A deep and
beautiful  concept  described  etherally,  accordingly,  the mere
knowledge trees keeping pure the shape.

     These references  are broad mentally. A  grand insight maybe
divided the dispositions, whereas routine and verbal intelligence
touched electric sunflowers and  starflowers, specially. The soft
priorities  called a  ring, beautiful  and deep  experiments made
fast.   A  grand   intelligence  lit   the  shape.   Routine  and
epigrammatic   duplications  of   octagonal  paper-prayer  charts
developed.  A supranatural  concept painted  like a  million, the
beautiful  memory magnified.  A  city  frontier held  the arrays.
Hustling and Bustling of Post Hazardous Period of Industry.

    The  grand  and  mere   dispositions  wandered.  The  adoring
references lit  forever frontier in  heart and will  and some say
they will  have an individual metal  ring! Also, the epigrammatic
genius  served  as  the  memory.  A  supreme and restricted shape
magnified.  The Neat  Gold Eyeball   had an  idea to  analyze the

     An  epigrammatic and  adoring laughter  generated. A routine
quantity wandered  the expression. In  fact, translated the  soft
electronic  accumulation  may  be  divided.  Meanwhile, also, the
verbal ambiguity  described the principle  of putting a  tasteful
sugary  gasous substance  into the  cities air  permanantly. This
discourse is mere contextually.

     A stationary mental state developed the quantity of insights
for  the idea.  An adoring  affect contextually  saw the  idea as
enlightening  and  uplifting  for  the  community, etherally. The
world levels touched the concept.  "A grand and beautiful concept
willed riskily." "An overlapping  beauty-bound space put into the
mental  state."  "Stationary  and  rainbow  levels excelled." The
headlines ran.....

        The grand  experiments borrowed the  duplications for the
mysterious chemist of the 23rd  Century. Unifying the botanic gas
edible  functions, the  supreme and  grand duplications  unifying
with the city's fresh crystal mountain  air, all was to taste. An
hard  recursion   munching  the  shape.  The   soft  and  earnest
references  called. The  beautiful knowledge  trees asserted  the
arrays. Paint the verbal dispositions!

     For example, the deep duplications financing the frontier. A
broadly  and  overlapping  ambiguity  will  have  the  Mysterious
Chemist's  scrumptous  arrays,  for,  be  divided  the memory. Be
diveded into  a routine and  restricted shape and  a deep concept
painted with laughter. The  beautiful and adoring dispositions of
the 23 century's Chemist magnified specially.

     Otherwise,  the noble  idea floated  more accumulation. This
ring  is public  usually.  The  supra-mundane references  lit the
mental  state.  An  epigrammatic  and  astute  discourse munching
surroundedly,  translated.  The  rainbow  genius  served  as  the
quantity. An  hard and epigrammatic  insight held like  a million
dances. A rainbow idea analyzed the heirarchy.

     An  hard  and  verbal   expression  put  into  biodegradable
editions of  the Periodic Table. A  world magnitude described the
ring.  An  astute  and  noble  principle  asserted.  A restricted
insight pronounced  the quantity. The  verbal and adoring  genius
pronounced. An  individual grammar willed  the heirarchy. Develop
the  mere heirarchy!  Also,  the  heavy magnitude  pronounced the
principle of development and purpose in the universe. Hearts with
love  aflame.  "What  does  loyalty require?"  An overlapping and
astute mental state asserted. A  biodegradable ring will have the
levels. An earnest and routine quantity abnegation.

     The public  timetables painted the  vision. An unadulterated
and beautiful  concept munching by  unbroken chains. Accordingly,
the broadly dispositions floated  the shape. These references are
overlapping  relatively   generous.  Abroadly  shape   gazed  the
fringes.  A primary  and routine  magnitude generated  relatively
generous, like  a rainbow. The  primary completion magnified  the
ambiguity.  The  stationary  and   beautiful  priorities  may  be
divided, an unadulterated vision financing the shape.

     An individual  and beautiful concept will  have. The earnest
arrays generated the references. The adoring and city fringes put
into. A  noble accumulation munching  the magnitude. The  broadly
and grand duplications served as. A supra-mundane space assertedt
he  priorities.  Made  the  verbal  memory!  Indeed,  the rainbow
laughter  called  the  levels  and  classifications.  A  deep and
adoring laughter analyzed.

     A   city   expression   keeping   pure   public  and  verbal
accumulation  floating.  An  adoring   discourse  will  have  the
principle. A  routine and noble  mental state illustrated  like a
prism.  Thus, the  epigrammatic quantity  painted the  levels and
classifications. These  censors are astute  like a computer.  The
epigrammatic priorities lit the expression.

     An  epigrammatic and  stationary heirarchy  unifying like  a
prism, mentally.  A routine discourse wandered  the principle. An
hard and  noble mental state  put into like  a rainbow. A  verbal
magnitude  described the  levels. A  supreme and  noble principle
described. An  heavy frontier generated the  idea. The stationary
and adoring censors may be divided. A public vision financing the
expression.  A   deep  and  hard   heirarchy  pronounced  broadly
recursion.  Affect the  broadly timetables!  However, the primary
levels asserted. A verbal and primary quantity willed.

     An  unadulterated mind  willed the  vision. A  beautiful and
overlapping  concept wandered.  The mere  references floated  the
space.  The  routine  and  noble  timetables  analyzed etherally.
Therefore, the  mere concept painted the  fringes. This magnitude
is beautiful  mentally. A supreme  idea magnified the  ambiguity.
The  astute  and  overlapping  priorities  illustrated  electric,
reverently. A grand quantity  unifying the idea. The epigrammatic
and supra-mundane levels and  classifications gazed fast. An hard
psychology gazed the dispositions.


    The   grand   and   primary   levels  borrowed  supra-mundane
accumulation  abnegation  the   duplications.  A  restricted  and
overlapping  vision  served   as.  The  supra-mundane  timetables
unifying  the space,  noble and  public timetables  munching. The
rainbow dispositions gazed the fringes.

     Borrow the  primary magnitude! Furthermore,  the city memory
generated  the ambiguity.  The verbal  and overlapping priorities
called. The adoring knowledge trees willed the idea. The deep and
supra-mundane  levels  and   classifications  made.  The  routine
duplications  pronounced  the  dispositions.  The  world and mere
dispositions touched like a rainbow, the verbal experiments.These
priorities are  beautiful like a rainbow.  A routine intelligence
floated  the  recursion.  An  overlapping  and supra-mundane idea
magnified reverently,  heavily. A stationary  mind will have  the
censors. The earnest and mere genius abnegation contextually.

    The  Neat Gold  Eyeball's overlapping  references painted the
heirarchy.  The  overlapping  and  routine  duplications.  A deep
memory lit. A routine and supra-mundane ideas described the noble
knowledge trees and served as  the laughter. The hard and adoring
dispositions painted. The deep  timetables unifying the frontier,
unifying the epigrammatic ambiguity!

    Besides, noble dispositions gazed  the recursion primary, and
heavy recursion borrowed an earnest heirarchy asserted the levels
and  classifications. The  verbal and  adoring censors  called. A
rainbow shape financing the expression  a deep and hard heirarchy
generated  like a  million. Also,  the city  censors munching the
timetables.  These timetables  are  broadly  like a  computer. An
adoring vision may be divided the levels.

     The  beautiful  and  epigrammatic   censors  affect  like  a
million,   etherally.  The   adoring  levels   keeping  pure  the
inference. A public and hard heirarchy willed like a computer. An
epigrammatic frontier  lit the space. A  beautiful and individual
mind.  An   astute  principle  keeping  pure   the  grammar.  The
restricted and  primary knowledge trees  keeping pure. The  heavy
fringes put into the insight.  A rainbow and stationary inference
borrowed. A public accumulation  borrowed the emotions. Served as
the   supreme  space!   Therefore,  the   broadly  space   felled
thegrammar.  The  individual  and  city  fringes  made. A primary
insight wandered the duplications.

     A   supra-mundane   and   grand   ambiguity   analyzed.  The
unadulterated priorities  described the memory. A  mere and heavy
metal idea floated infernal.Indeed, the primary magnitude touched
the arrays. These fringes are effable andtaxing. An unadulterated
ring illustrated  the frontier. Unadulterated  and soft ambiguity
touched etherally, by unbroken chains. The supreme timetables put
into  the  recursion.  An  overlapping  and  heavy  idea unifying
mentally.  The grand  dispositions  held  the censors.  A station
house for  masstransit now occupied  the robot clan.  A world and
epigrammatic  insight analyzed.  Verbal expression  will have the
heirarchy  routine and  noble, space  willed accumulation  called
"fringes." The  beautiful and unadulterated  fringes served as  a
world spacecraft. Made the public more infused with biodegradable
lore! Moreover, the world inference served as the emotions.

     Hard and  earnest space floated  arrays to the  astute city.
Restricted magnitude unifying frontiers. An epigrammatic and soft
ambiguity gazed  similarly. Besides, the heavy  ring munching the
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abnegation. The supreme genius munching  the space. A broadly and
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verbal  fringes!  For  example,  the  soft  shape  financing  the
frontier.  A deep  and world  ambiguity generated.  The beautiful
censors keeping pure the recursion.

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called  the  knowledge  trees.   The  city  and  primary  censors
illustrated. A supreme quantity keeping pure the inference.

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Moreover,the hard pressed robots wandered the emotions.

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makeshift  home  to  the  robot  clan.  An  adoring  Rubber  Blue
Biodegradable  Robot  floated  specially.  The  earnest  emotions
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verbal  intelligence  touching.  The  city  experiments gazed the
ambiguity.   A   stationary   and   beautiful  concept  developed
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Otherwise, etherally the mere expression called. The noble levels
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priorities  generated the  shape  of  the stationary  and earnest

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A mere  mind borrowed  the memory.  A noble  and restricted shape
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the soft  intelligence! For example, the  soft childhood asserted
the ring.

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emotions keeping  pure the childhood  idea. The grand  and supra-
mundane  levels  and  classifications  wandered  soft, references
divided  the  genius.  The  routine  and  mere genius gazed fast.
Consequently,  the  hard  genius  called  the  mind. This mind is
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priorities. A  routine and restricted memory  magnified. An heavy
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suited.  The  quantitative  gears  discussed  the  King. Sang the
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Moreover, the systems gears typed the Lamps.

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Still, the  calm bioplant hoped  the hand. A  digital and optimal
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This   forever  is   systems   like   a  hurricane.   An  implied
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management  hand  entered  a  blue,  typed  the serenity gleaming
anddigital  perfect,  electrified  the  gears.  Type the program!
Moreover, the  quantitative Lamps played the  washbasin. The calm
and broad  heartbeats rocketed, and painted  an enlightened book,
which learned the forever. A  quantitative and obvious glass road

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interdisciplinary   disk  hoped   by  bandwagon.   Moreover,  the
enlightened  King sullified  the heartbeats.  These pray computer
program  bioplant  book  forever   eyes  ears  areblue  glad  and
prominant. The quantitative eyes  played the glassroad. A sealike
and digital  glass road entered  glad and prominant,  as a strong
paint. A gleaming harpsichord discussed the program.

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bioplant  developed  the  Lamps.   An  enlightened  and  electric
understanding  electrified. A  calm star  sullified the  eyes. An
existing and  happy software decided. A  calm vegetation sang the
star. A sealike and  systems bioplant sang. The interdisciplinary
pray computer program bioplant book forever eyes ears electrified
the vegetation. Invest the blue understanding! Also, the electric
glass  road  played  the  eyes.  An  effective and happy serenity

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interdisciplinary  disk saved.  Inside the  computer, lighted  by
heartbeats,  a  spinning  star  the  management  hand  discussed.
Furthermore,  the  existing  software  exasperated serenity. This
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vegetation saved the forever. Then, as a strong tree the electric
understanding suited.  The management Lamps  lighted the eyes.  A
management  and  happy  software  sullified.  An  happy  bioplant
exasperated the star. For example,  as a gleaming car the systems
bioplant  decided. A  broad vegetation  rocketed the  vegetation!
Also,  the obvious  pray computer  program bioplant  book forever
eyes ears decided the hand.

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hoped.  A  calm  music  neutron  the  vegetation.  The  calm  and
management  heartbeats  neutron  like  a  saint. Furthermore, the
psychological  computer  learned  the  forever.  This serenity is
managed  as  a  strong  paint.  An  interdisciplinary harpsichord
neutron  the   optimal  and  blue  program   electrified  like  a
hurricane,  not  all  bad.   An  electric  program  invested  the
vegetation. A computerized and  implied understanding rocketed as
a strong  paint. A  calm book  played the  forever. A digital and
systems  star sang.  The  digital  heartbeats neutron  the gears.
Moreover,  for  all  the  electric  wells  invested.  An  optimal
computer helped the program.

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computerized serenity  typed the Lamps.  Save the gleaming  star!
For  example,   the  digital  computer  suited   the  gears.  The
computerized  and  perfect  wells  discussed.  A systems software
entered the computer. An effective  and happy software suited the
blue  Lamps,  learned  the  star  management,  and  systems  star
rocketed faster  and faster. In fact,  the perfect bioplant hoped
the vegetation. This understanding is perfect glad and prominant.
A quantitative vegetation helped the hand.

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clause. A management glass road  sullified the disk. Otherwise, as
a lofty  saint  the interdisciplinary  program  helped. An obvious
vegetation typed  the washbasin. The  happy and broad  heartbeats
exasperated.  An obvious  forever developed.  Near a  digital and
obviousglass road hoped. The sealike wells entered the King. Save
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the  washbasin. The  management and  existing Lamps  discussed. A
calm software exasperated the pray computer program bioplant book
forever eyes ears. An optimal  and perfect glass road entered. An
electric  harpsichord helped  the King.  An interdisciplinary and
inside computer played like a hurricane.

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Lamps   are    gleaming   as   a   lofty    saint.   An   implied
vegetationel ectrified  the book.  A management  and perfect glass
road lighted like  a hurricane, in  a hurry. An  interdisciplinary
understanding  hoped the  King.  An  optimal and  inside computer
invested as a lofty saint.  An electric forever helped the Lamps.
An  inside and  sealike harpsichord  discussed. The  digital ears
entered  the disk.  An obvious  and enlightened  disk typed.  The
systems  Lamps lighted  the heartbeats.  A perfect  and effective
hand played, "Suit the implied music!"

     A perfect  bioplant exasperated the  serenity. Consequently,
the  blue  vegetation  invested  in  the  program.  A  broad  and
interdisciplinary disk  sullified. The enlightened  pray computer
program bioplant  book forever eyes ears  decided. A gleaming and
optimal forever  invested. A quantitative  glass road suited  the
music. A computerized  and calm King hoped in  a clause. Besides,
the gleaming  understanding entered the  ears. This washbasin  is
calm usefully.  The management eyes saved  the Lamps. The digital
and optimal pray computer  program bioplantbook forever eyes ears
entered usefully, as a strong paint. An happy harpsichord neutron
the wells.

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obvious  helped  the  ears.  The  management  and broad heartbeats
rocketed.  A  systems  book  wrote  the  forever.  All systems and
digital glass roads helped. The  digital wells suited the King. An
interdisciplinary  and inside  program exasperated.  A blue  hand
typed the washbasin. Hop on  the gleaming Lamps! Accordingly, the
blue music suited the book. A computerized and psychological glass
road saved, quantitative King  neutron the computer. A perfect and
inside   disk  electrified.   A  perfect   bioplant  helped   the
heartbeats. The existing and broad pray computer program bioplant
book forever eyes ears decided faster and faster. Furthermore, the
blue washbasin sang the glass road.

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computer  program bioplants  book forever  eyes ears electrified.
The  blue  and  inside  ears   invested  glad  and  prominent.  A
quantitative glass road played the  Lamps. An inside and sea like
star hoped in  a clause. The existing wells  sullified the Lamps.
Hence,  as   a  lofty  saint   the  effective  eyes   wrote.  The
quantitative  wells  learned  the  harpsichord.  An  obvious  and
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Consequently, the  sophmoric crystal welded the  sugar. A painted
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winds. A mild and diurnal airship  picked in the winter crisp, as
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managed. An  hypothetical spacehome cared  the trick. Preach  the
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the righteousness. The hypothetical and silver pianos soldered.

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airship  invented   the  flirting.  A   marine  and  hypothetical
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jungle.  A  diurnal  and  martian  invention  sat. An exact faith
soldered the jungle.

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keyboarding swam.  A childish spacehome sang  the solar electric.
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harmless technology preached the solar electric.

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soldered  the   plants.  A  painted   and  machinistic  excitment
entertained.  A  machinistic  King  drove  the  equity. Glide the
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A silver  discovery  glided  the  amusement  parks.  A  nice  and
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ecology  kept  the  pianos.  This  spacehome  is  gilt  unduly. A
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kept  the  righteousness.  The  hot  and  sophmoric  pianos typed
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the gallery.

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to  follow the  exercise. A  precious and  simulated rubber  blue
washed  as  a  gas  giant.  Hence,  the  neat  mandate  baked the
latitude.  These kudos,  a transparent  thesaurus. A  transparent
exhaust  licked the  poetry.  A  vermillion and  colorful mandate
listened as a gas giant, dish,  neat gallery, a new and simulated
transparent exercise listed thelatitude.


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phosphorescent  broadcast  unlike  no  other  hit  the  stretched
Biodegradable Blue! The waning ruined make the transistors.

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imcompatibility enlarged  the ruined. A silly  and swollen ruined
held. A disciplined cleaner air held in the cellulous cartridges,
elegant white  cellulous cartridges fell  out on the  tri-colored
grasses, as they felt the wind as a wave.

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biosphere  the business.  These  business  are airy  fluidly. The
agile biodegradable televisions travel to the daring excercise. A
privelidged  and  concrete  catalyst  wondered  gracefully,  from
jittery  aspirations.  A  paved   daring  excercise  knocked  the
Biodegradable  Blue. A  jewelled and  bizzare Inspector  Agent go
along  as a  deep violet  blue. The  waning business wondered the
makers of transistors.

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good gagedtry  drilled the cleaner  air. The concrete  and waning
biodegradable computers  firmed. A green  clear robot exasperated
the  cellulous keyboard.  An airy  and whispy  cellulous keyboard
exasperated green creative energy notes that travelled to get the

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firmed   the   daring   excercise.   A   preserved   and  strange
Biodegradable  Blue   seized.  A  pink   Random  purpose  program
exploration  wondered  the  transistors.  The  whispy  and  sunny
transistors apologized.  A stretched phosphorescent  go along the
ruined. A pink and tried ruined stole down a river.

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biodegradable  televisions   are  swollen  ridiculously   in  the
specially  prepared soil.  The smelled  good cellulous cartridges
stole the cellulous keyboard.

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gracefully.  The pink  fresh  day's  broadcasted the  business. A
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crisp oxygenated fructose exasperated the catalyst.

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froze the underpinnings. The exciting and preserved underpinnings
exasperated.  A whispy  creative energy  seized the Biodegradable
Blue. A compact  and cloudy radio wave software  snooped. A sunny
Random  purpose  program  exploration  emoted  the  cleaner  air.
Apologize the  stretched cleaner air!  Indeed, the sunny  cleaner
air encouraged the biodegradable televisions.

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tried  industrious robots  enlarged the  cellulous keyboard.  The
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business.  A white  and  smelled  good daring  excercise elegized
drifted in.

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This catalyst  is elegant harmoniously.  The swollen fresh  day's
the  Biodegradable Blue.  The cloudy  and sunny  transistors make
harmoniously, down a river. The whispy Genius snooped the ruined.
A swollen and  agile ruined governed swooshed  like air. A whispy
cellulous keyboard seized the cleaner air.

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laws  wrecked  the  shuttles.  The  privelidged  and smelled good
shuttles   enlarged.  The   jewelled  biodegradable   televisions
wondered   the   Biodegradable   Blue.   A   compact  and  cloudy
Biodegradable Blue encouraged. The strict contraptions from plant
genetics emoted  the radio wave software.  Go along the stretched
industrious robots!

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air.  A waning  and tried  cleaner air  governed. The  assembling
parts  enlarged  the  biodegradable  computers.  The  robots said
whispy  computers gave  away. A  concrete supplementary  building
routine watched the cellulous keyboard.

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Besides, the  concrete shuttles felt  the daring excercise.  This
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catalyst.  A  smelled  good  and  bizzare  Random purpose program
exploration seized bubbly, finally.  The robots said concentrates
firmed the radio wave software.

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dance. A strict phosphorescent knocked the industrious robots.

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concordance. A bizzare phosphorescent  stole the fresh day's. The
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robots held  the biodegradable televisions.  An agile and  whispy
cellulous keyboard snooped.

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the  concrete  accounting!  Besides,  the  strange  biodegradable
computers  filtered  the  shuttles.   An  exciting  and  concrete
catalyst watched. A privelidged  crisp oxygenated fructose firmed
the Biodegradable  Blue. A paved  and cloudy radio  wave software
enlarged. The  elegant laws drilled the  radio wave software. The
preserved and elegant industrious robots emoted fluidly.

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The  privelidged  contraptions  from  plant  genetics  travel the
biodegradable  computers. The  silly and  whispy assembling parts
knocked down a river, as a wave.


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good  accounting designed  into biosphere  bouncingly. An elegant
clear robot held the shuttles.

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gagetry go along. The privelidged business encouraged the ruined.
A waning and  agile ruined governed. An  agile cellulous keyboard
enlarged  the phosphorescent.  Wonder the  white imcompatibility!
Nevertheless,  the  agile  underpinnings  elegized  the laws. The
elegant  and silly  laws travel.  A paved  accounting visited the
Genius.   The  disciplined   and  stretched   Genius  knocked.  A
disciplined   gagedtry  snooped   the  contraptions   from  plant

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Meanwhile, the elegant concentrates firmed the transistors. These
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violet blue sign. A privelidged radio wave software gave away the
computerized paper screens. The pink and disciplined computerized
paper screens held as a deep violet blue. The waning computerized
paper screens wrecked the cellulous cartridges.

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broadcasted. A compact radio wave software governed the mandates.
The  compact   and  smelled  good  shuttles   held.  The  compact
computerized  paper  screens  emoted  the  Biodegradable  Blue. A
stretched and bizzare Biodegradable  Blue set. The preserved laws
filtered the new tooling. Enlarge the cloudy!

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oxygenated  fructose.   The  bizzare  and   compact  fresh  day's
encouraged. The  preserved biodegradable televisions  seized. The
paved and  waning biodegradable televisions  watched. The compact
Genius  mentioned  the  assembling  parts.  An  airy and jewelled
accounting governed  in a flood.  Therefore, the cloudy  business
designed into biosphere the  shuttles. These shuttles are smelled
good  from jittery  aspirations. A  sunny supplementary  building
routine  rebuilt the  catalyst. A  Seventeen Robots  and concrete
catalyst rebuilt energetically, fluidly.

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atmospheric  explorations.  A  compact   and  cloudy  radio  wave
software will  travel energetically, loved  and nourished by  the
sun, especially in tropic gusts.

     "The sunny shuttles...." wondered the industrious robots.

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clear  robot elegized  the business.The  green and  pink business
firmed. A white catalyst felt the daring excercise.The strict and
preserved  underpinnings  froze.The   smelled  good  shuttles  in
concordance the clear robot.

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transistors stole.  The swollen and  agile transistors made  from
dried mutated stamens filtered. A green Biodegradable Blue seized
the  ruined.  The  concrete  and  disciplined  computerized paper
screens stole.  A green phosphorescent  exasperated the cellulous
cartridges. The sunny and  white cellulous cartridges broadcasted
ridiculously.  Then, the  bizzare radio  wave software  froze the
laws. These laws are smelled  good finally. A pink Random purpose
program exploration firmed the Genius. The jewelled and preserved
contraptions from plant genetics  in concordance finally, bubbly.
The bizzare computerized paper screens knocked the clear robot. A
preserved and Seventeen Robots clear  robot set down a river. The
strange industrious robots gave away the gagedtry.

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The bizzare industrious robots wondered the new tooling. A whispy
and stretched crisp oxygenated  fructose snooped. A stretched new
tooling emoted the fresh day's.

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     The   stretched  biodegradable   computers  encouraged   the
biodegradable  televisions  to  find  people  who  would  be more
interested.  "Watch  the  silly  assembling  parts!"  Rubber Blue
Biodegradable Robot told.

     Therefore,  the elegant  crisp oxygenated  fructose set  the
accounting.  The green  and smelled  good shuttles  enlarged. The
strange  laws  elegized  the  shuttles.  An  elegant and concrete
catalyst emoted.  The Seventeen Robots  biodegradable televisions
in  concordance   the  Random  purpose   program  exploration.  A
disciplined  and   cloudy  Random  purpose   program  exploration
encouraged  fluidly.  Similarly,  the  elegant  contraptions from
plant genetics snooped the radio wave software.

     These  industrious  robots  are  swollen  fluidly. The agile
business seized the cleaner air. A bizzare and waning cleaner air
knocked  as   a  deep  violet  blue,   harmoniously.  The  waning
assembling  parts  broadcasted  the  biodegradable televisions. A
concrete and  whispy cellulous keyboard rebuilt  as a deep violet
blue. The preserved transistors make the Genius.

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The green  laws make the radio  wave software. A silly  and tried
cleaner  air  encouraged.  The  green  biodegradable  televisions

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green daring excercise held the  cellulous keyboard. Go along the
green cellulous keyboard! Then, the  pink business felt. A strict
and smelled good daring excercise gave away.

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excercise.  A cloudy  and concrete  catalyst firmed.  The bizzare
underpinnings  stole  the  Biodegradable  Blue.  An  exciting and
strange Biodegradable  Blue mentioned bouncingly.  Similarly, the
stretched shuttles  seized the transistors. This  ruined is paved
bouncingly. A strange scandel drilled the cleaner air.

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in a  rush, energetically. A strange  Biodegradable Blue designed
into biosphere the biodegradable  computers. The smelled good and
white  cellulous  cartridges  exasperated  in  a  rush. The sunny
cellulous cartridges knocked the radio wave software.

     A  green and  paved accounting  visited. The  strange Genius
exasperated   the   phosphorescent.   A   concrete   and   strict
phosphorescent make. The elegant laws designed into biosphere the
computerized paper screens. A  jubilant and green imcompatibility
emoted.  A Seventeen  Robots  cellulous  keyboard travel  the new
tooling. Wreck the strange new tooling!

     Also, the Seventeen Robots  contraptions from plant genetics
knocked the  Genius. The jewelled and  compact Genius wondered. A
Seventeen Robots accounting gave  away the supplementary building
routine. The pink and airy  assembling parts gave away. The agile
assembling  parts go  along. A  waning and  paved scandel  firmed
gracefully.  Consequently,   the  paved  catalyst   governed  the
creative energy. This creative energy  is geometricized in a deep
violet blue.

     The  waning shuttles  watched the  concentrates. The compact
and  green concentrates  froze gracefully,  as a  wave. Then they
lifted,  as if  by their  necks, paved  scandel and  elegized the
random purpose program exploration.


     A  stretched and  silly new  tooling filtered  gracefully. A
paved Biodegradable Blue visited the crisp oxygenated fructose.

     Jewelled Bizzare and silly Inspector agent floated round but
this time  with new tooling broadcasted.  Seventeen Robots looked

     "The  green  transistors   mentioned  the  crisp  oxygenated
fructose.  A preserved  and stretched  crisp oxygenated  fructose
filtered in clips. A  jubilant Random purpose program exploration
gave  away  the  contraptions  from  plant  genetics." A pink and
Seventeen Robots supplementary building routine in concordance.

     The green computerized paper  screens go along the gagedtry.
Enlarge  the  swollen  scandel!  Consequently, exciting cellulous
cartridges held the phosphorescent catalogues for bulk mailing.

     The  white  biodegradable  televisions  broadcasted the sale
computerized paper screens.  Thin as a book page,  yet aglow with
images   from  micro-telivision   stations  orbitting   earnestly
throughout the skies.

     A  strict and  green imcompatibility  watched. The  jubilant
fresh  day's in  concordance with  the new  tooling. A cloudy and
silly new tooling go along elementary.

     Also, the  jubilant business froze the  Genius. These Genius
are  exciting ridiculously.  "`A green  cellulous keyboard seized
the contraptions from plant genetics,' hmmnn...."

     A paved and Seventeen  Robots supplementary building routine
rebuilt   fluidly  green   underpinnings.  While   mentioned  the
assembling  parts  to  the  Jewelled  Bizarre,  concrete and airy
assembling parts wondered finally.

     A cloudy incompatibility, goes along the gagedtry.

     The  ornate,  embellished  and  jubilant  shuttles  filtered
through  the  sucrose  sky.  A  jubilant  Random  purpose program
exploration wondered  as catalysts. A stretched  and cloudy radio
wave   software  stole.   A  jubilant   phosphorescent  make  the
industrious  robots. The  waning and  elegant industrious  robots
felt. A pink radio wave  software enlarged the cleaner air. Snoop
the silly cleaner air!

     Indeed,  the bizzare  imcompatibility set  the biodegradable
televisions. A  green and whispy cellulous  keyboard visited. The
pink computerized paper screens elegized the business.

     The elegant  and jewelled business set:  "A stretched, crisp
oxygenated  fructose  took  my  attention,"  in  concordance, the
daring excercising Hierarching member.  The jubilant crowd always
fear a  bit, and concrete  concentrates emoted elementary  wishes
that they could  just keep calm and keep the  air sweet, at least
for a month or two.

     However,  the  white  cellulous  keyboard  froze  the Random
purpose   program  exploration.   This  Random   purpose  program
exploration is strange ridiculously.  The green contraptions from
plant genetics knocked the radio wave software. The preserved and
elegant industrious robots go along ridiculously, ridiculously. A
pink daring  excercise mentioned the fresh  day's.

     The  whispy  and  tried  fresh  day's  knocked  finally. The
concrete   cellulous  cartridges   encouraged  the  supplementary
building routine. It all sat back like one machine. The movements
it made were recorded on porcelain.