William S. Burroughs

Excerpts taken without permission from The Penguin edition.
"I want you to smell this barstool," said the paranoid ex-Communist to the manic FBI agent. "Stink juice --- and you may quote me --- has been applied by paid hoodlums constipated with Moscow goldwasser ." (The water cure, comrade. So I should take the active part in this horrible synopsis?)

Dirty snow melt in the spring hatch these frozen niggers out the woodpile.

Some cowboy ride around with the noose on, looking for his last roundup.

"I live with my boots off," The Singing Tumbleweed told your reporter, leaning against the whitewashed brick wall of heroin slowdown.

"I'll cut your white pecker throat and leave you a squaaawwking chicken. I'm nobody's fool --- good public school of hard knockers and know how to handle this horrible case. When is a woman not a woman? When I cut her motherfucking head off."