bsy's Miscellaneous Net Pointers

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.
Miscellaneous net pointers, in no particular order. These tend to be more unofficial data sources than those in the page.
  • Movie information, including local listings (by clamen)
  • Pictures from webifying service at CNAM, France. Includes `contact sheets'. See also the* service at the Netherlands.
  • Internet Accessible Coke Machines
  • Other Internet accessible machines
  • Earth quake info (from U Washington)
  • Aurora activities (updated hourly, from U Leth, CA)
  • Xerox PARC PubWeb Server (maps of the world from Xerox Parc)
  • Globewide Network Academy, an affiliation of ``Usenet University'' -- starting from a list of people willing to answer questions over email, these folks want to build an University in VR land, complete with a MUD for the virtual campus (from MIT)
  • Beginner's C tutorials (from Cold Spring Harbor Labs, Tom Boutell )
  • UK Radio Amateurs Callbook 1994
  • Amateur Radio Page (courtesy davide)
  • Satellite TV info (from NCSU, Jay Novello )
  • Job Search , created by Dane Spearing (from Stanford)

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