bsy's Collection of Useful Net Information Sources

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.
This is bsy's collection of net URLs. All data are from off-site information sources. In contrast to the Miscellany page, these are more official services that are more likely to stay accessible.
  • Casey' reverse dictionary
  • Searchable RISKs/CERT/etc
  • Communications archive at SunSite (IRC logs, virtual communities, muds).
  • Electronically submitted corporate filings to the SEC from the Internet Multicasting Service and New York University's Stern School of Business Information Systems Dept.
  • ACM WWW server, with CFPs, conference announcements, etc.
  • PC-Mac TCP/IP & NFS FAQ, now HTML'ified.
  • JumpStation, a database built using a Web walking robot that permits searches of keywords from <H1> headers of HTML documents
  • Usenet FAQ (from Ohio State)
  • The Internet Services list (from Stanford)
  • database (travel information db, includes restaurants info). Local users may wish to access it through the Alex filesystem.
  • Quotations Archive (Brown)
  • Geography/Zip code database (from U Mich)
  • Periodic table (from UBC)
  • Better periodic table from Sheffield, UK. Experimental. Accessible only during UK daytime hours.
  • NSFnet statistics (From Merit.Edu)
  • Computers and Academic Freedom archive (EFF) The archive includes information on academic computer policy, library policy, civil liberties, law and more.
  • Federal Communications Law Journal, published by the Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington and the Federal Communications Bar Association
  • Taxing Times 1994, with images of tax forms and instructions. Courtesy of S-Cubed Division of Maxwell Labs.

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