bsy's List of Internet Accessible Coke Machines

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here. Updates to this page occurs at its new location
This is a list of various coke or other vending machines that are accessible via the Internet. Other Internet accessible machines and other fun stuff are listed separately.
  • Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science coke machine, with a graphical interface as well as the older finger interface.
  • Coke machine at Caltech
  • University of Western Australia coke machine is back on the net. (Old finger interface.)
  • at Bristol, PA.
  • Clinet Ltd (finger i/f)
  • Coke and the Olympics (Georgia Tech)
  • Seattle University soda machine
  • Swiss coke machine at MIT's AI lab, 4th floor.
  • Interealm coke machine
  • Coastal Imaging Lab Coke machine at Oregon State University.
  • Cocacola and pepsi pages at Columbia University. Also the coke and pepsi machines themselves.
  • University of Wisconsin (appears to be just a maintenance account; no sensor readings are reported. More info is available, as well as a man page. An online version is also available, but it contains obsolete addresses.
  • UC Berkeley
  • Vending machine in Computer Science House at the Rochester Institute of Technology

  • If you hear of any other Internet accessible coke machines, please let me know.

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