bsy's Pointers to Fun Stuff

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.

  • Main fun page
  • Cool site of the day
  • Blue Dog
  • Internet coke machines. (accelerator: ) Other coke-related stuff are available as well.
  • Other Internet accessible machines.
  • Try to crash your browser one way or another way on a Unix machine. Another try with first method or another way on a non-Unix machine (this may not work if your network connection isn't good enough). May also crash your machine too.
  • Dilbert collection
  • Bueno Vista Movieplex
  • The current picture of the sun, from Indiana University Astronomy Dept.
  • Sound archives (from NOSC)
  • Internet Talk Radio (from NRL)
  • Repent! WWW Confession Booth. Irreverent humor.
  • Exploratorium in SF, CA.
  • Dr. Fun comics
  • BugTales repository, (Marc Eisenstadt, Open University, UK; no relation to Disney's Ducktales)
  • Recipe archives
  • Recipie archive of the CMU CS dinner co-op
  • The Network Cookbook (from UBC)
  • Top Pop singles (from RPI)
  • LambdaMOO (object oriented MUD, Xerox)
  • MSU Interactive Weather Browser
  • MSU Physics Dept -- Buckyball Simulations
  • Sokoban server (Andrew/CMU)
  • First documented log of TinySex (hyperlink removed, see blue ribbon below) from the original TinyMUD server, Oct 6, 1989.
    Warning: Explicit material, parental discretion advised
    Start at the string START HERE.
  • Article on a case of rape in cyberspace
  • A MUD archive by one of the olde timers of TinyMUD, ashne.

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