bsy's List of Local Information Pages/Services

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.
These references are local databases/pages, as well as services provided by bsy's http server scripts.
  • White pages name lookup (includes phonetic matching) for CMU SCS members -- beware that this does not include Andrew users. unless you explicitly request
  • White pages face picture lookup for CMU SCS members. Face pictures are user-installed bitmap images.
  • Upcoming birthdays of some CMU CS and ex-CMU CS folks. (Send me mail to add/delete entries.)
  • Webster hypertext interface.
  • Hypertexted Unix manual pages (standard CMU CS facilities-provided environment). These man pages are formatted with hyperlinks for SEE ALSO sections, #include entries, and RFCs.
  • Trival phone(1) interface.
  • This week's calender board listing, via an interface by Tom Stricker; also a month's worth.
  • Weather information (accelerators: local relay or cache snooping):
  • National Weather Service data using local caching relay, or direct from U of Michigan
  • Local weather data page (by rgs) or direct from U of Illinois),
  • Internet coke machines. (accelerator: CMUs')
  • Other Internet accessible machines.
  • How-to questions (and answers!) relating to Unix/Mach, our local environment, and simple hacking in general (currently a collection of plain text files)
  • Local restaurant menus
  • Telephone Area Codes, sorted by number (see also the Telecom Archive's list at MIT)

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