RAPTOR: Robots, Agents, People Team: Operation Rescue

Carnegie Mellon University/University of Pittsburgh
USAR Robotics Team


Recent Events

*      RoboCup2005 US Open – Rescue Robot League Competition (Atlanta, GA May 7-10, 2005)
Summary: RAPTOR won both the Advanced Mobility and Autonomy classes and placed 3rd in the RoboRescue general competition


Upcoming Events

*      RoboCupRescue – World Championship and Symposium
Osaka, Japan
July 13-19, 2005


*      RoboCup2005 U.S. Open Preliminary Paper

*      Win CVS tutorial

*      Steve Burion’s Thesis on Human Detection

*      Steve Burion’s Final Presentation

*      Simulator documentation


USAR Team Members (contact us at usar-list at cs.cmu.edu)

Useful Links

*      Project description

*      The Intelligent Software Agents Lab

*      The PER page 

*      The Robotics Institute



*      I. Nourbakhsh, M. Lewis, K. Sycara, M. Koes, M. Yong, and S. Burion. “Human-Robot Teaming for Search and Rescue,” in IEEE Pervasive Computing Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan-Mar. 2005.

*      Lewis, M., Berna, M., Sycara, K., and Nourbakhsh (2003) Robots, Agents, and People.  IEEE Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics, Tampa, FL, Feb 19-20.

*      Wang, Jijun, Lewis, Michael, and Gennari, Jeffrey (2003) A Game Engine Based Simulation of the NIST USAR Arenas, Proceedings of the 2003 Winter Simulation Conference, New Orleans, LA, pp. 1039-1045.

*      Wang, J., Lewis, M. and Gennari, J. (2003). Interactive Simulation of the NIST USAR Arenas. Proceedings of the 2003 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Washington, DC, October 5-8., pp. 1350-1354.

*      Wang, J., Lewis, M. and Gennari, J. (2003). USAR: A Game-Based Simulation for Teleoperation. Proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Denver, CO, Oct. 13-17, pp. 493-497.


In the News

*      Pittsburgh Post Gazette: April 28, 2003


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