RAPTOR RoboRescue 2005 Pictures


Tarantula navigates a step field in the advanced mobility competition


Tarantula successfully navigated a hill step field in the advanced mobility competition


Anton controls the Tarantula during the advanced mobility competition with the Pioneer watching (right laptop screen) and a camera mounted on the Tarantula (left laptop screen).  We used the controller included with the Tarantula but extended the antennae with a ~20’ wire to improve reception.



Two different views of the arena (temporarily set up for the autonomy competition with clear floors.  All the step fields and stairs are blocked with walls).  The arena was similarly set up for the orange competition though with step fields randomly placed to make navigation more challenging.




The PERs (and out of view on the left Pioneer) prepare to enter the orange arena.  Pokey (right) has a Watchport V2 camera streaming video through the laptop mounted on its back.  Speedy (left) has a hastily constructed mount for the Toshiba webcam with independent pan tilt control.  The flashlights proved to be unnecessary as the lighting was quite good.


Speedy with a Watchport V2 camera in the orange arena (Pokey was replaced by the Tarantula with the webcam)


The Tarantula, front arms broken after a rough morning in the advanced autonomy competition prepares to enter the orange arena backwards.



All four RAPTOR robots pose for a picture in the holding area.


The Pioneer, Speedy, and the Tarantula wait for round 1 of the finals to begin.  The hazard tape demarcates the autonomous only section.  The space proved too confined for all three robots.



First Place Finishers: Red Knight

Two of Red Knight’s (winning team from parochial high school in Minnesota) navigate the orange arena.  The black balls are USB pan tilt cameras.  The white box mounted on the lead robot (left) is for thermal imaging. 




Second Place Finishers: NIIT Blue


The robot from NIIT Blue prepares to enter the arena in the advanced mobility competition.  Its four bar linkage allows it to change shape