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Garnet was developed between 1987 and 1994 by the User Interface Software Group in the Human Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. The primary research interest of the UISG is the development of tools to allow rapid development of graphical user interfaces.

Garnet is a user interface development environment for Common Lisp and X11 or Macintosh. It helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces for your software.

Unfortunately, the UISG is no longer able to support Garnet. See our letter about why. However, some people are still using it (see below). There is still a Garnet-Users mailing list. Send mail to to be added or removed.

The UISG then developed another tool, called Amulet, which is a successor to Garnet. Amulet is a C++ environment which incorporates the best ideas of Garnet, and also supports gestures and other features. Amulet is be portable across X/11, Windows and the Macintosh. Click here for more information on Amulet. (But Amulet is no longer supported either.)

Does anyone use Garnet anymore?

The mailing list still had about 60 names on it (as of May'2002). People seem to be using Garnet for various projects, and making it work in new versions of Lisp. Send mail to to be added or removed.

There is a SourceForge project for Garnet (established May, 2002 by Cliff Yapp), with complete source code and updates:

Fred Gilman also maintains an unofficial distribution based on Garnet 3.0 to which he applies all the patches he can get his hands on:

Here is one example project:

"SDTP-A Multilevel-Secure Distributed Transaction Processing System" Fred Gilham, David Shih (System Design Laboratory, SRI International) Proceedings of the European User Group Meeting '99 (LUGM '99). Available online.

Garnet is a large scale system containing many features and parts:

GARNET stands for
Generating an
Amalgam of
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Garnet Information

  • Original CMU Garnet FTP directory
  • SourceForge main page
  • Revised! (Dec, 2005) Scientific data functions and 2-D plotting from Roman Belavkin
  • There is a Garnet Users usenet newsgroup (comp.lang.garnet) but it is better to post questions and comments to the garnet users mailing list: There are about 60 names on the list (as of May'2002). To subscribe or unsubscribe to the garnet-users mailing list, send mail to
  • The Garnet FAQ:
  • There is a problem with "true-color" screen support. This problem is fixed in Fred Gilham's <> version (thanks to Paolo for this information. It did not solved my problem with clisp but it did solve the color problem.):
    url: In this version (maybe it should be called garnet-3.0.x) the pixmap problem is partially solved. Garnet was not able to load pixmaps with depth > 8. Now It displays correctly the first half of the pixmap!
  • There are new Machintosh files created by Russell Almond on 26 Aug 1996 for MCL 3.x, see his message in the FTP instructions for the Mac.
  • A file from Charles Hollister of patches made to Garnet for MCL 3.0p2.
  • A message about how to make Image files work, from Russell Almond, 1997/07/21.
  • Garnet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Garnet papers
  • Links and screens of Applications written using Garnet
  • Garnet project people
  • The old messages from the Garnet users mailing list, dating from 4 Oct 1993 through 27 Aug 98 (994 messages) are available in a big tar file (about 3.3 meg).
  • zip file of the sources for the Garnet manual (in the old "Scribe" text processor format)
  • Accelerators

  • Amulet Project Home Page
  • Martin Cracauer's home page has links to pages on CMU CL porting activities.
  • Demonstrational Interfaces Project
  • FAQ about Lisp
  • CMU School of Computer Science home page
  • Association of Lisp Users Home Page

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