Garnet No Longer Supported

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 95

Dear All Garnet Users:

As you know, the User Interface Software Group has been concentrating on the development of the new Amulet tool in C++ for the last year. Unfortunately, my staff person who helped develop and support Garnet, Andrew Mickish, is leaving CMU soon to work at Vanderbilt, and will no longer be supporting Garnet. My other people here know very little about Garnet.

Consequently, we will have to stop essentially all support for Garnet. If someone out there would like to take over the code, that would be great. Or if some company would like to pay for us to hire a local support person, we would be glad to discuss it. Of course, we will still maintain the mailing lists and the FTP sites, but we will probably only rarely respond to bugs or queries.

We are very sorry to have to take this step, but I am sure you can all understand it. Thank you for your support of Garnet over the last six years.


Brad A. Myers

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