15-418/15-618: Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming, Fall 2019: Schedule


  • The exact topics of the lectures are subject to change.
  • We do not anticipate changing any of the other dates (exams, assignments, etc.)
Date Topic Assignment  

Aug 26 Why parallelism (pdf , video)
Aug 28 Modern multicore processors (pdf , video) Assignment 1 out (pdf)
Aug 30 Parallel programming models (pdf, video)

Sep 4 Parallel programming basics (pdf , video) Assignment 1 due for waitlisted students
Sep 6 Work distribution and scheduling (pdf , video)

Sep 9 Graphic processing units and CUDA (pdf , video, Draft Notes) Assignment 1 due for registered students, assignment 2 out (pdf)
Sep 11 Locality, communication, and contention (pdf , video)
Sep 13 Application case studies (pdf , video)

Sep 16 Workload-driven performance evaluation (pdf , video)
Sep 18 Snooping-based cache coherence (pdf , video)
Sep 20 Directory-based cache coherence (pdf , video)

Sep 23 Snooping implementation (pdf , video, Draft Coherence Notes) Assignment 2 due, assignment 3 out (pdf)
Sep 25 Performance Measurement and Tuning (pdf , video)
Sep 27 Interconnection networks (pdf, pptx , video)

Sep 30 Memory consistency (pdf , video) HW1 / Practice Exam Due at 6pm
Oct 2 Scaling a Website (pdf)
Oct 4 Exam 1

Oct 7 Implementing synchronization (pdf, video)
Oct 9 Fine-grained synchronization, lock-free programming (pdf, pptx , video)
Oct 12 Transactional memory (pdf, pptx , video, Synchronization Draft Notes) Assignment 3 due, assignment 4 out (pdf)

Oct 14 Guest lecture (Dave O'Hallaron, ground motion modeling and simulation) (Tech Report)
Oct 16 Tolerating latency through prefetching (pdf) (Optional reading: Related Journal Paper)

Oct 21 Heterogenous parallelism (pdf, video)
Oct 23 Domain-specific programming languages (pdf, video) Assignment 4 due, Project assignment out (pdf)

Oct 30 Domain-specific programming on graphs (pdf , video)
Nov 1 Deep neural networks (pdf , video)

Nov 4 MPI, OpenMP, Cilk implementation (Part A pdf, Part B pdf , video) Exercise 2 out (pdf)