Open to all high school STEM teachers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding Appalachian Region in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Western Maryland.

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This workshop illustrates the wide variety of applications of computational thinking at conceptual and practical levels through a series of teacher-participation exercises and presentations. In particular, the workshop includes hands-on activities that teachers can duplicate in their classrooms to illustrate computing principles beyond computer programming.

We will illustrate the use of the popular Computer Science Unplugged activities which show students computing concepts without the use of computers. Much of the material will be based on a new course that runs at Carnegie Mellon University titled Principles of Computation that highlights various aspects of computation, presented in a way that is applicable to all students, not just computer science majors. In addition to the material on computation, we will introduce basics of the Python programming language so teachers can learn how to express some of the basic computing principles as a program without a large amount of syntax or programming "rules".

No programming experience required.

Computational Thinking Photos: 2012

Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DRL-0833496)

Additional support provided by Oracle