wolfgang richter

> gcli repo ls -u theonewolf

A full listing of my public repositories may be found here. Below is a selection of my open sourced projects.

  • TripleD
    Description: A simple implementation of the Google File System.
    License: MIT
    Language: Python
  • libperf
    Description: libperf is a library that wraps around the Linux syscall perf_event_open().
    License: GPLv2
    Language: C
  • bson-c
    Description: A minimal, clean implementation of BSON in C.
    License: MIT
    Language: C
  • prngs
    Description: A library compiling and studying pseudo-random number generators.
    License: Unlicense
    Language: Polyglot
  • dcpu-16
    Description: My implementation of the DCPU-16 specification (an emulator and assembler).
    License: MIT
    Language: C