Diagrams can clarify otherwise complex relations,
whether temporal, spatial, or conceptual.

lower left corner of a go game recording sheet
Serious go players record their games. Most gamerecording sheets have lines that intersect exactly where the move number must be written. My design leaves an empty space for the move number.  Players around the world have downloaded this design. Available in 72 dpi, 300 dpi, and as postscript.
In a recent elaboration of the spiral model for software development, Barry Boehm proposed six Essential features of any spiral process. As with the 16 CSP, I was able to diagram these Essentials as they relate to spirals. The full paper is The Spiral Model as a Tool for Evolutionary Acquisition. Its Table 3 was also an interesting exercise in organizing and displaying information.

For one client, I was called on to describe "services" and how they affect system attributes. One result was a set of graphics illustrating relationships among "-ilities" and how the CORBA services cooperate in performing a simple interaction.  
Building on the above efforts, it seemed to me that the entire software lifecycle could be depicted. I did so as shown by the linked image. The idea is that the little icons can appear adjacent to discussions focused on particular lifecycle phases.