Information delivery should exploit graphic elements;
see these papers and presentations.


This extract from a presentation shows the use of a set of icons to tie together a series of questions on each of several slides. As the diagram at the left builds, new sets of questions emerge at each level. 
° A second diagram in these slides shows the technical steps in software integration to avoid the problems posed by the questions.

(several images)
The image at the left is a reduced version of a screen shot from my dissertation. In it I showed that an editor could be based on the syntactic structure of the text, especially program texts. The figure is one of a number illustrating "Reflections on My Personal Computing" (pun intended).

One problem in explaining evaluation of software is the diversity of approaches and their differing terminologies. In the presentation linked from the icon, I show that my QESTA notation can model all evaluation processes. The terminolgy was presented at a workshop and as a tutorial.

(many images)

For Christmas last year I asked my family for "interesting" images. I got lots; I built a page. Photoshop got a lot of use for color-fixing and cropping. Click the icon to see the results.