Homework academic guidelines

  • All submissions are electronic via Easychair

  • You must upload your homework before the beginning of class on the day the homework is due.

  • Late by 1 day will lead to loss of 50% of the possible credit on a homework

  • Late by more than 1 day will lead to 100% loss

  • You may discuss the homework, but only with your classmates.

  • You must write up the solution on your own very clearly indicating with whom you've collaborated.

  • Not citing sources you used or collaborations that you had while solving the homework will count as academic dishonesty, so please help us maintain high standards!

  • None of the solutions is supposed to be long and tedious — in case you find that your solution is becoming rather long, please think again and try to simplify.

  • When writing up the solution, start each problem on a new page and put together your solutions in sequential order (helps grading)

  • Preferably LaTeX your solutions. If you cannot LaTeX them, make sure that your handwriting is super legible else there may be a loss of points.

  • All the above rules also apply to those enrolled on Pass/Fail basis.

  • In case any of your answers requires running computation (Matlab, Mathematica, whatever else), please attach source-code and final numerical results of running your code.

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