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Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowships
– The fellowship program is awarded to three promising graduate students who demonstrate an interest in investigating innovative solutions to real-world challenges in information security, storage and systems management.

  • Kai Ren, Ph.D., Computer Science Department, 2013
    – He is working on improving metadata management in file systems. His work can be 1.5 to 10 times faster than a traditional file system for metadata-intensive workloads, significantly decreasing the time it takes when accessing large collections of small files. Ren also developed tools to monitor and better understand the performance and behaviors of distributed systems which will help us design better systems. Ren also developed tools to improve the understanding of the performance and behaviors of distributed systems which will help design better systems.

  • Polo Chau, Ph.D., Machine Learning Department, 2009
    – His research combines the fields of machine learning and human-computer interaction to create visual and interactive graph mining systems that help analysts keep pace with emerging threats by identifying and specifying anomalous patterns and instructing a system to detect them. Chau was also a recipient of the Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowship awarded in June 2008. His research efforts as an intern contributed to the development of Symantec's innovative reputation-based approach to malware detection.

  • Polo Chau, Ph.D., Human-Computer Interaction Institute, 2008

  • David Brumley, Ph.D., Computer Science Department, 2007

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