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SCS Faculty: Okawa Research Grant
– The Okawa grants sponsor research in the United States, China, Japan and Korea in eight topic areas pertaining to information and telecommunications.

The Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications is an authorized non-profit organization that was established in Japan in 1986 to provide funding for and give recognition to new studies in the information and telecommunications fields, to conduct surveys, analyses and collection of information, and to nurture human resources. The Foundation was established by the late Mr. Isao Okawa, founder of CSK Corporation, with an endowment fund of five billion yen consisting of donations by Mr. Okawa, CSK group companies, and others. The Foundation's outstanding achievements have since led to the Japanese government approving it as a designated public benefit organization. The Okawa Foundation continues to promote an array of activities for the public good internationally, with the objective of helping to form a thriving and prosperous advanced information society in the twenty-first century world.

  • Deepak Pathak, 2022 (Robotics)
  • Henny Admoni, 2020 (Robotics)

  • Yulia Tsvetkov, 2019 (Language Technologies)
    Crossing Cultural and Language Barriers with Ethnic Language Technologies

  • Ameet Talwalkar, 2018 (Machine Learning)
    Methods for Democratizing Machine Learning

  • Abhinav Gupta, 2017 (Robotics)
    Self-Supervised Never-Ending Learning for Perception and Action

  • Andreas R. Pfenning, 2016 (Computational Biology)
    Interpreting Alzheimer's-Associated Genetic Variation Using Genomic Analysis

  • Jessica Hammer, 2015 (Human-Computer Interaction)
    Games for Impact: A Full-Pipeline Approach

  • Yong-Lae Park, 2014 (Robotics)
    Bio-inspired Soft Robotics with Novel Sensing and Actuation Mechanisms.

  • J. Andrew Bagnell, 2013 (Robotics)
    Machine Learning for Intelligent Robotics.

  • Srinivasa Narasimhan, 2012 (Robotics)
    Enabling Mobile Manipulation in Human Environments

  • Seyoung Kim, 2011 (Computational Biology)
    Statistical Machine Learning Approach for Uncovering the Genetic Control of Cellular and Disease Processes

  • Adrien Treuille, 2010 (Computer Science/Robotics)
    Interactive Approaches to Computationally Intractable Programs

  • Ryan O'Donnell, 2008 (Computer Science)

  • Alexei Efros, 2007 (Robotics)

  • Nancy Pollard, 2006 (Robotics/Computer Science)

  • James Kuffner, 2005 (Robotics)
    Improving Robot Autonomy with Automatic Motion Planning

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