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SCS Faculty: Fellows of the Association for for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
– The American Association for Artificial Intelligence's Fellows program was started in 1990 to recognize individuals who have made significant, sustained contributions – usually over at least a ten-year period – to the field of artificial intelligence.

  • Hans Berliner (Emeritus), 1990

  • Jaime G. Carbonell, 1991

  • William W. Cohen, 2009

  • Scott E. Fahlman, 2003
    For significant contributions to knowledge representation, artificial neural networks, AI-oriented software tools, and massively parallel architectures for AI.

  • Takeo Kanade, 1990
    For broad contributions to research in and the advancement of computer science and robotics, and for service to the ACM and the greater computer science and robotics community.

  • Pradeep Khosla, 2003
    For significant contributions to automated modeling, reconfiguration, and design of robotic and real-time software systems, and for encouraging the field through professional leadership.

  • Matthew T. Mason, 1992
    For lasting contributions to robotic manipulation in the areas of compliant force control, planning under uncertainty, the mechanics of pushing, and sensorless manipulation strategies.

  • Tom Mitchell, 1990

  • Andrew W. Moore, 2005
    For significant contributions to machine learning, data mining, and statistical AI, and for major roles in transferring these technologies to industry and government.

  • Raj Reddy, 1990
    For pioneering the design and construction of large scale artificial intelligence systems, demonstrating the practical importance and potential commercial impact of artificial intelligence technology.

  • Tuomas W. Sandholm, 2008
    For significant contributions to the foundations of multiagent systems and computational game theory, pioneering work in combinatorial auctions, multiagent preference elicitation, and automated mechanism design, and principles and large-scale application of electronic marketplaces

  • Reid Simmons, 2003
    For significant contributions to mobile robot navigation, self-reliant autonomous systems, and the Task Control Architecture.

  • Stephen F. Smith, 2007
    For significant contributions to heuristic and mixed-initiative scheduling, constraint-based search, and the development of scalable AI systems.

  • Katia Sycara, 2002
    For significant contributions to case-based reasoning, autonomous agents, and multiagent systems.

  • Charles E. Thorpe, 1996
    For contributions to outdoor autonomous robots, including development of the highly successful Navlab vehicles

  • Manuela Veloso, 2003
    For significant contributions to the development of planning and learning algorithms, and multiagent robot teams for uncertain dynamic environments.

  • William "Red" L. Whittaker, 1993
    For contributions to robotics education, and research and development of field robotics.

  • Eric P. Xing, 2016
    Ffor significant contributions to statistical machine learning, its theoretical analysis, new algorithms for learning probabilistic models, and applications of these to important problems in biology, social network analysis, natural language processing and beyond; and to the development of new architecture, system platform and theory for distributed machine learning programs on large-scale applications.

  • Allen Newell (In Memoriam)
  • Herbert A. Simon (In Memoriam)

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