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The Vizier 1.0 User Interface

Throughout the tutorial you will be requested to perform some operations using Vizier. These will be typeset in a different font as follows:

File -> Open -> j1.mbl

This is shorthand notation for: Go to the File menu. Select the Open option. Choose the file j1.mbl.

By the end of this tutorial you will have explored much of the Vizier user interface. There are several things that will not be covered explicitly, though. One of them is the shortcuts available for many of the operations. These come in two forms. First, many of the operations have their own distinct buttons on the toolbar. For example, a shortcut to the file opening operation above is to click on the button with a picture of an open folder on it. There are also keystroke shortcuts. For example, the file open operation can be invoked by typing: Control-o.

This tutorial is written with the Windows user interface in mind. There is also a command line interface which can be run from PC DOS windows or on Unix systems. If you run the command line interface and are in a PC Windows, or an X windows environment, the graphs will come up in separate windows. If not, you will not see the graphs.

Jeff Schneider
Fri Feb 7 18:00:08 EST 1997