15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation, Spring 2016


Date Topic Assignment
M Jan 11 Lab 0x0: Setup
T Jan 12 Overview
R Jan 14 Contracts
F Jan 15 Recitation 0x0: C0 Basics
M Jan 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
T Jan 19 Ints Written 0x1 Due
R Jan 21 Arrays Scavenger Hunt Due
F Jan 22 Recitation 0x1: A Bit About Bytes
M Jan 25 Lab 0x2: Number Reversal Written 0x2 Due
T Jan 26 Searching Arrays
R Jan 28 Sorting Arrays (Code) (arrayutil handout) Pixels Due
F Jan 29 Recitation 0x2: Function Family Reunion
M Feb 1 Lab 0x3: Timing and Testing Written 0x3 Due
T Feb 2 Binary Search
R Feb 4 Quicksort (Code) Images Due
F Feb 5 Recitation 0x3: A Strange Sort of Proof
M Feb 8 Lab 0x4: Memoization Written 0x4 Due
T Feb 9 Data Structure Invariants (Code)
R Feb 11 Stacks and Queues DosLingos Due
F Feb 12 Recitation 0x4: A queue_t interface
M Feb 15 Lab 0x5: Clac
T Feb 16 MIDTERM 1 in the evening, no lecture (See time and location)
R Feb 18 Linked Lists (Code)
F Feb 19 Recitation 0x5: Link it All Together
M Feb 22 Lab 0x6: Lists Written 0x6 Due
T Feb 23 Unbounded Arrays
R Feb 25 Hash Tables Clac and EXP Due
F Feb 26 Recitation 0x6: Array Disarray
M Feb 29 Lab 0x7: Hashing Functions Written 0x7 Due
T Mar 1 Sets (code)
R Mar 3 Generic Data Structures Text Buffers Due
F Mar 4 Mid-semester break
M Mar 14 Lab 0x8: Function Pointers
T Mar 15 Binary Search Trees Written 0x8 Due
R Mar 17 AVL Trees Bloom Filters Due
F Mar 18 Recitation 0x8: Rotating Rotation
M Mar 21 Lab 0x9: Generic Dictionaries Written 0x9 Due
T Mar 22 Priority Queues
R Mar 24 Restoring Invariants Ropes Due
F Mar 25 Recitation 0x9: Heaps of Fun
M Mar 28 Lab 0xA: Priority Queues
T Mar 29 MIDTERM 2 in the evening, no lecture (See time and location)
R Mar 31 Data Structures in C
F Apr 1 Recitation 0xA: From C1 to Shining C
M Apr 4 Lab 0xB: C Translation Written 0xB Due
T Apr 5 C's Memory Model
R Apr 7 Types in C Generic Queues Due
F Apr 8 Recitation 0xB: C-ing is Believing
M Apr 11 Lab 0xC: Generic Sorting in C
T Apr 12 Virtual Machines
R Apr 14 Carnival Lights Out Due
F Apr 15 Carnival
M Apr 18 Lab 0xD: C0VM and Dr. Evil
T Apr 19 Graph Representations
R Apr 21 Graph Search C0 Virtual Machine Checkpoint
F Apr 22 Recitation 0xD: Computing on the Edge
M Apr 25 Lab 0xE:
T Apr 26 Spanning Trees
R Apr 28 Union Find (code) C0 Virtual Machine Due
F Apr 29 Recitation 0xE: Union-finding your Roots
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