Anne's House of Dreams

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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This book is the fifth in a set -- it is preceded by "Anne of Green Gables" (#1), "Anne of Avonlea" (#2), and "Anne of the Island" (#3). (The fourth book is not currently available.)

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"To Laura, in memory of the olden time."


1.In the Garret of Green Gables
2.The House of Dreams
3.The Land of Dreams Among
4.The First Bride of Green Gables
5.The Home Coming
6.Captain Jim
7.The Schoolmaster's Bride
8.Miss Cornelia Bryant Comes to Call
9.An Evening at Four Winds Point
10.Leslie Moore
11.The Story of Leslie Moore
12.Leslie Comes Over
13.A Ghostly Evening
14.November Days
15.Christmas at Four Winds
16.New Year's Eve at the Light
17.A Four Winds Winter
18.Spring Days
19.Dawn and Dusk
20.Lost Margaret
21.Barriers Swept Away
22.Miss Cornelia Arranges Matters
23.Owen Ford Comes
24.The Life-Book of Captain Jim
25.The Writing of the Book
26.Owen Ford's Confession
27.On the Sand Bar
28.Odds and Ends
29.Gilbert and Anne Disagree
30.Leslie Decides
31.The Truth Makes Free
32.Miss Cornelia Discusses the Affair
33.Leslie Returns
34.The Ship O'Dreams Comes to Harbor
35.Politics at Four Winds
36.Beauty for Ashes
37.Miss Cornelia Makes a Startling Announcement
38.Red Roses
39.Captain Jim Crosses the Bar
40.Farewell to the House of Dreams

Robert Stockton

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