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Rapid Design through Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2010

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Project 2

Rapid manufacturing processes

Tuesday February 9: Rough CAD file of one toy concept due (individual)
Thursday February 11: Final CAD and image files of toy concept due (individual)
Tuesday February 16: Manufacturing plan presentation (group)
Tuesday February 23: Manufactured toy due (group)
Tuesday March 2: Web-based reports on toy manufacturing process due (group)

A. 3D CAD models (individual)

Draft, Tuesday February 9; Final, Tuesday February 11

Each person must create a valid 3D solid model of one toy concept. If none of your toys are suitable, you may make a CAD model of someone else's toy. (Ask that person for permission. I don't want any duplicates, and you can't take someone else's design without permission.)

Create a folder called Project2 (capital P project no space 2) in your class folder and put an image of your part there. Put just one image in the folder and I will link it into a table of toy images.

Each person must email a 3D CAD file to me in either SAT or STL format. No other formats are acceptable because you must be able to create an SAT or STL file for most rapid manufacturing processes.

B. Toy Prototypes (group)

Each group must pick one toy to prototype. If no one has a suitable toy, you may manufacture someone else's toy with permission. We will talk about what makes a part a good candidate for this Project.

Tuesday February 16

Your group must email me the CAD files for the toy you will manufacture. You should put an image of the CAD model in one the Project2 folder of one team member. Send me email to tell me where to find the file.

Tuesday February 16

In class, each group will present their plan for manufacturing their part. All parts must be made by someone on the group. Each group member must have a substantial part in the manufacture of the part. You may not contract out to a machinist.

In previous years, the students in this class have written reports on the various campus manufacturing processes. You can use these reports as reference, but be sure to check whether they are up-to-date. The reports from last year's students are here.

Tuesday February 23

Bring your manufactured toy to class. Each group will give a short presentation, showing the toy, explaining problems encountered during manufacturing, and discussing what was learned in the process of manufacturing and what the group would do differently next time.

Tuesday March 2

Each team must write a web report that explains how you manufacturing your the toy. Put the report in one group member's course directory. Since your report is web-based, you can include links to other sites.

DO NOT save a power point presentation as a web page and call that your report. You need to include more information in your report than you can put in a presentation.

Send me the path to the files and I will make a page that links all the files.


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