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Rapid Design through Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Carnegie Mellon University

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Minutes from Meetings

  1. Attendees:

    List all the people in attendance at the meeting. If non-team members are present, give their names, affiliations, and reason for attending.

  2. Date, time and place of the meeting

  3. Meeting Agenda:

    Give the purpose of the meeting and the topics to be covered.

  4. Progress reports:

    Give a progress report for each team member for the action items from the last meeting.

  5. Meeting Notes:

    Summarize the important points made at the meeting. You can use the agenda to organize this section. You may also want to identify who made particular points or contributions. Be sure to document all the decisions that your team made.

  6. Action items

    Give the action items for each team member and give the time by which these items should be completed. Be specific on the task and the due date.

  7. Date, time and place for the next meeting


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