8/31Project 1 Checkpoint 1
Project 1 is now available. Checkpoint 1 is due on Monday 9/11 midnight EST.
The course now has a Piazza page for announcements and discussion. Please sign up here (even if you are on the waitlist).
5/5Waiting lists
The registrar does not enforce prerequisites for graduate students, so all grad students are put on the waiting list until we can verify the prerequisites. This process starts in mid-August. Do not send the instructors pleading to be moved off the waiting list - it will not help your case. Note that a long waiting list does not mean that the course is full. Many students on the course do not meet the prerequisites or list the course as a backup.
Both 15-441 and 15-641 have a prerequisite. Details are provided furtherdown on this page.
Welcome to 15-441/641! This is web site is mostly a copy of the Fall 2016 offering of the course so you can get can get an idea of the course syllabus and assignments. Details will be updated later.

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