15-859E Project

Revision 2, 29 Oct. 1998
The goal of the project is to give you practice at doing research and development in the topic of the course, hierarchical methods for simulation. Most projects will involve implementing an algorithm, but some could be more theory-oriented or survey-like. You should:
  1. do literature search on related previous work,
  2. do your new work,
  3. give a presentation in class, and
  4. write up a description of your work, with comparison of your results to previous work, if possible. Papers should be 8-12 pages in length. The "new work" of phase (2) above could be application of existing algorithms to a new problem; a variation on an existing algorithm; design, implementation, and testing of a new algorithm; novel theoretical analysis of an algorithm; or a survey of previous work on some topic. In a select cases, a project intentionally entailing rediscovery of a known method will be acceptable, in which case there will probably be papers/books that you should avoid looking at in phase (1).


    Project Topic Ideas

    The following are some possible project topics. The list is not exclusive! You can also modify an idea listed here, or propose something totally new. To get other ideas, see survey papers such as Gree90, Gree94, Bran88, bibliographies such as chapter 14 of Stol96, or popular press books such as Hubb98. I've listed references that I know of, but the list is incomplete, so you should plan on doing your own literature search.


    Web pages for this course: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ph/859E/www/
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    Stephen Wong's multipole diagrams, http://wong.physics.oberlin.edu/


    15-859E, Hierarchical Methods for Simulation
    Paul Heckbert

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