This page presents a selection of stuff I've done --- animations, papers, etc. Click on the thumbnails to see marginally higher-res images. Follow the links for postscript, pdf, mpeg movies, and citations. The older papers lack figures. The oldest aren't online at all. (Get a free Adobe Acrobat reader to view the pdf files.)

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Knot Reel. (animation) 1986, with Kurt Fleicher, Michael Kass, and Demetri Terzopoulos. An experiment in mixing computer vision with computer graphics. It appeared at the SIGGRAPH 86 electronic theater. It won Grand Prix at Parigraph '86, and received honorable mention for Prix Ars Electronica '87. mpeg (167K).

Cooking with Kurt. (animation) 1987, Also with Fleischer, Kass, and Terzopoulos. Vision, graphics, and vegetables. mpeg (80K).

Reaction Diffusion Textures. (animation) 1991. Nonlinear partial differential equations as a means of artistic expression. Shown at SIGGRAPH '91 electronic theater. mpeg (209K).


Interactive Human Animation. Work in progress, with Sebastian Grassia. Real-time motion control. Stay tuned. mpeg (240k).

Motion Warping. with Zoran Popovic. To appear, SIGGRAPH '95. Captured motion transformations to create reusable clip-motion libraries. postscript. pdf. citation. Varous mpeg and quicktime movies.

Physically Based Manipulation of Discrete/Continuous Models. to appear in SIGGRAPH 95. With Mikako Harada and David Baraff. Direct manipulation of graphical models such as floor plans. The model can respond to dragging by undergoing discrete re-arrangements as well as continuous dimensional changes. postscript. pdf. citation.

Free form shape design using triangulated surfaces . 1994, with William Welch. A follow-up to Variational Surface Modeling. Bendable, cuttable, glueable self-adjusting self-fairing triangle meshes. The object in the picture is a Klein Mug. postscript. pdf. citation.

Using Particles to Sample and Control Implicit Surfaces. 1994, with Paul Heckbert. Quasi-physical particles that float on an implicit surface. We use mutual repulsion and fissioning to quickly obtain a good sampling of the surface, and to maintain it as the surface deforms. postscript. pdf. citation. mpeg(23K). BIG mpeg (868K.)

Dynamic Simulation of non-penetrating flexible bodies. 1992, with David Baraff. Or how to make jello bounce down the stairs. postscript. pdf. citation. mpeg(125K).

Through-the-lens Camera Control. 1992. Using interactive physical simulation to place cameras and objects in 3-D scenes. With Mike Gleicher. postscript. pdf. citation.

Variational Surface Modeling. 1992, with Will Welch. Flexible quasi-physical surfaces for interactive free form shape modeling. postscript. pdf. citation. mpeg(32K).

Reaction Diffusion Textures. 1991, with Michael Kass. Nonlinear partial differential equations as a means of artistic expression. This image won the Prix Ars Electronica '92 grand prix for computer graphics. postscript. pdf. citation.

Interactive Dynamics. 1990. With Michael Gleicher and Will Welch. Overview of interactive simulation work. postscript. pdf. citation.

Fast Animation and Control of Nonrigid Structures. 1990, with Will Welch. Simplified flexible-body simulation based on global deformations. The image is from a 2-D animation made by attaching a spline-based line drawing to a rubbery articulated model. postscript. pdf. citation.

Spacetime Constraints. 1988, with Michael Kass. Character animation using physics and optimization. We solve for minimum-power motions subject to pose constraints. Creates nice-looking motion with lots of emergent structure---squash-and-stretch, follow-through, etc. postscript. pdf. citation. mpeg (70K).

Energy Constraints on Parameterized Models. 1987. With Al Barr and Kurt Fleischer. A first cut at using constraints to build and manipulate geometric models. postscript. pdf. citation.

Snakes: Active Contour Models. 1987. With Michael Kass and Demetri Terzopoulos. Flexible springy curves that latch onto image features. The paper isn't available online. However, here's a plain-text bibliography of snake-related work. citation. mpeg (14K).

Analyzing Oriented Patterns 1985. With Michael Kass. Fitting flow fields to textures. Used to make Knot Reel. citation.

Scale Space Filtering 1983. Analyze signals by tracking zero crossings under increasing gaussian blur. citation. A big plain text bibliography (800K.)

Other Stuff

Pages from the Book of Skies. 1995. With Rob Fisher. Installation at the Hewlett Gallery, CMU. Centerpiece is a suspended-chain sculpture that encodes the 20th century's temperature data.

Edge of Intention An interactive art piece created in collaboration with the OZ group. 6/95