Problem Based Benchmark Suite (2020)


This is the current list of benchmarks. It includes a description for each benchmark specifying the I/O interface and the set of default input files (mostly up to date). All code can be found at pbbsbench on github.

All code is in C++. For each benchmark the we include code for generating inputs, code for testing, code for timing, a sequential implementation, and a parallel implementation. In some cases a sequential implementation is missing in the current release, but the parallel code can be compiled to run sequentially. Please read the README files.

To use a different language one can use the existing code for generating inputs and testing, but would have to implement their own code for reading and writing files and timing.

Problems on sequences

Problems on strings

Problems on graphs

Problems in geometry and graphics

The full benchmark suite

last modified 17:47, 20 Sep 2020

This project has been funded by the following sources:
Intel Labs Academic Research Office for the Parallel Algorithms for Non-Numeric Computing Program,
National Science Foundation, and
IBM Research.