I am an assistant professor at CMU in the Machine Learning and the Computer Science departments. I work in the areas of machine learning, game theory and crowdsourcing, with a focus on learning from people with objectives of fairness, accuracy, and robustness.

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nihars [at] cs.cmu.edu
Office: GHC 8211


My research interests lie in the areas of statistics, machine learning, information theory and game theory, with a focus on "learning from people": How to elicit high-quality data from people? How to draw inferences from such data? I am particularly interested in dealing with issues of fairness, accuracy, and robustness. This is an exciting and challenging area of research that has many important applications including hiring, admissions, crowdsourcing, A/B testing, online ratings and recommendations, peer grading, and peer review. My research aims to address these important challenges at scale, in a principled and pragmatic manner.

I am presently particularly excited about developing principled approaches towards improving peer review. Peer review is a microcosm of this general problem of learning from people, and addressing it is particularly urgent to allow for the research community to thrive. I look to formulate and solve problems from the perspective of peer review, and then generalize the inherent ideas to the various other applications of learning from people. Here are examples of a few recent works in this area:

     Crowdsourcing (2013-17). Awarded the David J. Sakrison Memorial Prize at UC Berkeley.
     Distributed storage (2009-13). Awarded the IEEE Data Storage Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards for the years 2011 & 12.

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Jingyan Wang
Robotics Institute, CMU

Ivan Stelmakh
Machine Learning Department, CMU
(advised jointly with Aarti Singh)

Charvi Rastogi
Machine Learning Department, CMU
(advised jointly with Sivaraman Balakrishnan)

Steven Jecmen
Computer Science Department, CMU
(advised jointly with Fei Fang)


Wenxin Ding
Mathematics and Computer Science, CMU
(advised jointly with Weina Wang)

Komal Dhull
Computer Science, CMU

Ryan Liu
Computer Science, CMU

Carmel Baharav
Computer Science, CMU

We gratefully acknowledge support from NSF and CMU Block center!


Fall 2020 10-715 Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning
Spring 2020 15-780 Graduate Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2019 10-715 Advanced Introduction to Machine Learning
Spring 2019 15-780 Graduate Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2017 10-709 Fundamentals of Learning from the Crowd