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Information about Pittsburgh.

Cheap Eats

Working late and need you still haven't eaten dinner? You may be in luck.

One of the unusual things about Pittsburgh is the prevalance of cheap food late at night. There are several restaurants in Oakland that offer half price dinners. Usually this applies to entrees only (drinks, appetizers, and dessert are regular price). Most places do not include Friday and Saturday nights in the offer. For the resaturants that have multiple locations, the half price offer usually applies only to the Oakland location.

The information below was probably correct when I entered it. But things change. You might want to call first.

Fuel and Fuddle
A varied menu. Half price starts at 11pm. Coincidentally, it gets crowded then.
Hemingway's Cafe
Sandwiches, pasta, etc. Half off selected items from 9pm until close. The discounted items are highlighted on a separate menu.
India Garden
Possibly the best Indian food in the city. Half price from 11pm until close (1am). Includes Friday and Saturday. Does not include breads or the thali dishes. Some entrees (lamb dishes?) are also excluded. Note that it gets a bit noisy at India Garden after 11 (they have a night club downstairs). I believe they also have half off dinners for early diners from 4pm-6pm.
Mexican-like food. Small. Usually crowded. On the noisy side. Half price from 11pm-1am, Monday-Thursday. Also, half-price lunch from 2pm-4pm. Details.
Prince of India
Oddly, Prince of India has half priced dinners from 7pm until close (10pm). But if they want to offer cheap dinners during prime dinner time, who am I to complain?

24-hour Groceries

Groceries that I know to be open 24 hours, as of Fall 2002:

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