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RE: Ballot Receipt Printer NOW required in California

Title: RE: Ballot Receipt Printer NOW required in California
Simplistically put, we can only handle the hardware and software.  The whole "chain of custody" issue and "procedures" are up to the state.  I don't know where that will come down.  The outstanding areas of questions are:
  • when is auditable copy of ballot printed? (It has to be afterward).
  • can the voter view it?
  • can the voter touch it?
  • can anyone else touch it? (I doubt it?)
  • does it get directly deposited into a ballot box (by hand/automatically?)
  • is it the "legal" ballot?
  • what happens then when there is a printer jam?
  • if you need to be able to "reprint" a ballot that didn't print due to a jam or paper out, how is that done?
  • what type of printer is it (does it cut the paper?  How else would you "randomize" the ballots?)
  • what do you do when voter disagrees with the printout?
I wonder:
  • how do you stop this steamroller from happening?
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I came across Dr. David Dill while reading some of Paranoid Bev’s scribbling.  Steve, I assume you have met this guy since he appears to be involved with Santa Clara.  The key paragraph from his manifesto reads:

  • Touch screen machines that print paper ballots. Such systems would have many of the advantages of DRE machines, including potentially improved accessibility for voters with disabilities. There is at least one such machine that is certified in several states, and we hope that all vendors of existing DRE machines could provide an option to add ballot printers (DRE voting machines in Brazil have been retrofitted with ballot printers, for example). The paper ballots must be submitted by the voters, to be available for counting or recounting and to avoid vote-selling. The votes on the paper ballots must be regarded as the definitive legal votes, taking precedence over electronic records or counts.

This doesn’t tell us much about how exactly he envisions the system working though.





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Thanks for the heads up.  We have had quite a few discussions about how we would do this, but as you noted, the solution will vary greatly depending on the answers to your questions (Allowed to touch it?  Allowed to see it?  Required to see it?  Etc).  Keep us informed and feel free to call me if you want to discuss it.



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Subject: Ballot Receipt Printer NOW required in California


The new Secretary of State just announced that he supports touch screen
vendors being required to print a receipt.  This has major implications for
our new unit.  He is only convening a task force at this point, so we don't
know the answers to questions like:

We don't know whether the voter would be allowed to touch the receipt.
We dont' know whether the voter will be allowed to see the receipt.

If voters know that a printed receipt is there, I believe there will be
demand to see it.  I am suggesting that R7 development and design folks
begin having some discussions on various scenarios of a printed ballot
receipt and how we could "hide" the receipt from the voter if necessary or
keep them from touching if it comes to that.

Clearly, we can't begin design on anything until we know the parameters.  On
the other hand, we will be asked for input, and we should have some well
conceived input, vs. myself or frank or deborah speaking for development.

Yes, another bad idea, brought to you by our elected politicians.