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RE: External Communication

That's fine.  I would think it would benefit us to be polite when we are not
responding to questions.  Is there someone assigned who will be a contact
for the press?  Is there someone inside DESI? Or would this be Joe
Richardson at Diebold corporate?  I have several scenarios I'd like to run
past ?? someone ?? to determine how you'd like this policy implemented so it
doesn't hurt us.

Sequoia Pacific has Alfie Charles whose sole job is to nurture relationships
with the press.  They are getting articles in the newspapers much more
leaning toward Sequoia than other vendors, and at critical times in the
selection process.  It is helping them.

I don't mind if I can't talk to the press, but I've got to give them someone
they can talk to or the slants in the articles will only get worse for us.
I'd like to discuss a variety of scenarios with someone to see what the
policy means in the real world and how we get positive press generated.


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Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 6:21 AM
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Subject: External Communication
Importance: High

Effective immediately do not comment to the press.  This applies to the
black box situation as well as all other communication.

This information was sent out December 19 (see below).  EVERYBODY MUST

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From: Internal Communications
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To: DL-Diebold All
Subject: Media, internet and external communications policy

>From Don Eagon, vice president, global communications and investor
relations; and Warren Dettinger, vice president and general counsel:

Late in 2000, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published
Regulation FD (fair disclosure) to restrict selective disclosure of material
information -- that is news and other information that can affect the stock
price -- by public companies. The scrutiny that public companies are coming
under in light of Regulation FD makes it even more critical that we maintain
Dieboldís policy regarding speaking to the public via the media and

This note is to remind all associates that any and all day-to-day external
company communications are affected by Regulation FD and may fall under SEC
scrutiny. The content of any voice mail, posting on an Internet chat site,
phone conversation, e-mail or memo to any external party may be considered

Therefore, all queries from news reporters, financial analysts and research
firms must be funneled through Global Communications.  Also, discussion of
Diebold (products, financial speculation, status of internal programs, etc.)
in Internet chat rooms is not permitted whether or not a posting has been
identified as coming from a Diebold associate.  Diebold will pursue the
identities of any such violations that occur on message boards that it
suspects may be coming from associates. This helps protect associates and
the company from SEC regulations and other potential public liabilities.

Be particularly aware when communicating to a customer, supplier or any
other external party regarding various corporate information. For example:
A customerís impact on Dieboldís current financial situation.
An impending order that will help meet a sales goal.
An ongoing project or business trip that has to be postponed or canceled for
budgetary reasons.
To protect yourself and the company, do not communicate with the investment
community or the media by representing yourself as a Diebold associate or
spokesperson whether by phone, e-mail, an Internet chat room, or in person.
If you should receive any communication from a Diebold investor or a
reporter, please forward it to Global Communications.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Regulation FD and this
corporate policy, donít hesitate to contact Global Communications [Comnet
221-3790; +1 (330) 490-3790] or Legal [Comnet 221-4506; +1 (330) 490-4506].

Thank you for all your efforts in this matter,

Don Eagon
Warren Dettinger