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RE: Password Change Notice

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For some time I have been receiving these e-mails and I have been a bit curious as to why.  It finally occurred to me that I am on this distribution list by mistake.  My e-mail address is Jacobsm@diebold.com.  The e-mail address that  should be used is jacobsm1@diebold.com - for Mike Jacobsen in Corporate Communications. Since I don't know who the owner of distribution list is, could you take care of getting it corrected?
Thanks Josh!
Monica Jacobson
Diebold Education Center
 -----Original Message-----
From: Josh Gardner [mailto:josh@dieboldes.com]
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 5:01 PM
To: announce@dieboldes.com
Subject: Password Change Notice

This notice applies to DESI staff website and email users.
At the request of the executive committee, I'm changing everyone's staff site and email passwords. Please recall that your password is the same for both the website, and for email.
The new passwords become effective at 5.30pm PST Tuesday February 11.
You will each receive an email containing your new password at 9.00am PST Tuesday February 11.
If you have any problems using your new password, please do not hesitate to call me.
Please take note that, as a user of DESI's staff website and email systems, it is your responsibility to keep your password secure. Do not give out your username or password to anyone, under any circumstances. A formal security policy will be made available in the near future.