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BS Bug Report w/Staff Site down


I thought I filed this about a month ago, but can't tell or check.
Yesterday this bit us 4 times out of 10 when using VIBS.

If the User presses the "5" key on the keypad, while in the race header, the
voter card is ejected and the ballot station locked up.

Yesterday, also saw that it can happen in the middle of candidates it you
select a candidate, deselect candidate, press 4 key, and then 5 key again,
in some sort of order I couldn't figure out precisely.  In other words you
can get the same "eject/lockup" by changing your mind in the candidate area
as well as pressing 5 key in race header.  It's not restricted to the header

This is causing pretty serious demonstration issues as it is fatal to ballot
station voter process.  You have to reboot the unit.