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Re: Ballot Receipt Printer NOW required in California

Steve: Do you believe it will be something as simple as a short receipt that
only indicates that a ballot was cast? I can see all sorts of privacy issues
on this one. If it were to require a print out of how they voted each race,
that would really be an issue. Vote buyers would love it I guess.
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Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 5:03 PM
Subject: Ballot Receipt Printer NOW required in California

> The new Secretary of State just announced that he supports touch screen
> vendors being required to print a receipt.  This has major implications
> our new unit.  He is only convening a task force at this point, so we
> know the answers to questions like:
> We don't know whether the voter would be allowed to touch the receipt.
> We dont' know whether the voter will be allowed to see the receipt.
> If voters know that a printed receipt is there, I believe there will be
> demand to see it.  I am suggesting that R7 development and design folks
> begin having some discussions on various scenarios of a printed ballot
> receipt and how we could "hide" the receipt from the voter if necessary or
> keep them from touching if it comes to that.
> Clearly, we can't begin design on anything until we know the parameters.
> the other hand, we will be asked for input, and we should have some well
> conceived input, vs. myself or frank or deborah speaking for development.
> Yes, another bad idea, brought to you by our elected politicians.
> SteveK