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Ballot Receipt Printer NOW required in California

The new Secretary of State just announced that he supports touch screen
vendors being required to print a receipt.  This has major implications for
our new unit.  He is only convening a task force at this point, so we don't
know the answers to questions like:

We don't know whether the voter would be allowed to touch the receipt.
We dont' know whether the voter will be allowed to see the receipt.

If voters know that a printed receipt is there, I believe there will be
demand to see it.  I am suggesting that R7 development and design folks
begin having some discussions on various scenarios of a printed ballot
receipt and how we could "hide" the receipt from the voter if necessary or
keep them from touching if it comes to that.

Clearly, we can't begin design on anything until we know the parameters.  On
the other hand, we will be asked for input, and we should have some well
conceived input, vs. myself or frank or deborah speaking for development.

Yes, another bad idea, brought to you by our elected politicians.