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RE: AVTS Spanish Ballot Write-In Screen has English Text

If the TSText appears correct, then open a bugzilla entry and someone will look into it.





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Subject: AVTS Spanish Ballot Write-In Screen has English Text


Guadalupe County, Texas reports problem with Spanish on Spanish Ballot Write-In Keyboard Screen:


"SPACE" key word


"BACKSPACE" key word


on Write-In Screen keyboard in the Spanish ballot are showing in English.  The audio instructions say go to the "vorrar" key and the word on that key in the Spanish ballot is incorrectly showing up in English, not in Spanish. 


The Spanish words are in the TSText 1034 files (attached) but are not being pulled into the Spanish ballot.  Is there something wrong with the fact that these two files are .txt files while the other text files are .rtf?


Thanks. Les





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