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RE: TSText Update

Perchance some miscommunication? Or perhaps I didn't close the loop with you after talking with Sophia.  She said LA was doing the written review and translation for all languages (but French) and would be done momentarily.  So I think this may be on her plate to get done (status Sophie?).  Nel, are you the TSText guru and coordinator?
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See below.
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I may have missed a response to my last request for a specific person to be assigned responsibility for the TS Text file updates.  I've checked my Subject lines and haven't found it so I apologize if the assignment has already been made and my alheimers in kicking up again.  If not, it would help with my confusion now about who to update and items like Ken's in January such as

"Someone created a really nice TXTest set that I saw during my demo (LA) there with Chen.  It had for example the Next text in reverse green, better font sizes, etc.  Whoever did it did a really great job.  I have my theories as to whom, but won't tip my hat for fear of being incorrect."

Next text has been changed to reverse green for all languages in the TSText pre-release, which I have provided you with.

So, to whomever is or is not responsible for TS Text updates. Our day-long ever continuing quest to get a working demonstration has uncovered the following for the mystery person:

1. Most of the CANCEL buttons in the write-in screens for Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. are in small black characters, while some, not all of the "record write-in buttons" are in larger white fonts.  They should be made consistent with the larger white.

The Cancel button format has been brought up-to-date in the languages for which the translations exist.  I have provided you with the language/TSText file combinations which need to be translated - one the translations have been performed, they are to be re-formatted to be consistent with the English.

2. These CANCEL buttons read "CANCEL" in English rather than the appropriate language equivalent.

See above.

3. All buttons should be centered.  They are not in the non-English languages.

Thus the re-formatted files I asked you to replace in TSText.

4. I know efforts were just made to make the language buttons consistent fonts and sizes.  A rule of thumb is "larger is better".  Font's should be done to maximize button space.

Thanks, Steve K.

Sophia, how is Los Angeles doing on their update of the files?  And who will you be turning in your updated files to?