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Re: State of Virginia Red Oval questions

A second pass must be done if the printer only has a single colour press.  Most printers have two, three, four or eight colour presses. 
A plate is made up for the black text and another plate for the red ovals.  The four up or eight up ballots are created with black text and red ovals in one pass. 
The ballots are then cut according to spec. 
The printer I use tells me the extra cost of a second plate and colour is about one cent per ballot, depending on run length.  If you get into plastic plates, (silver master or sylva master) the cost could be less if the ballots per plate is low.
I did have the regular .002 ovals overprinted with thick red ovals as a test.  They worked fine. 
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Subject: RE: State of Virginia Red Oval questions

Larry, I might add to this that it is my understanding that with most (local) printers the red ovals requires a second pass through the press, Not a problem with Global (Spectrum).  I have talked to Virginia about this before and told them it would require a second pass, which is time and money. I checked with Ben Franklin Printing, who prints for all but 3 of the AV accounts in VA and he confirmed that yes it would require a second pass which he said he "probably" would have to pass the extra press time back to the county.  As far as I know, Lorraine or someone from the State Board also called Ben Franklin to discuss this. 
Also, I know we are looking at Gems certification but since they are having the meeting 9/1 they might want to institute this for nov.  VTS would require a PS thick print driver which makes two layers per style, more time. that means the printer will get double the files.  Just FYI the state gives us 7 days to turn all this around which means the state has to approve and the locality also has to approve.  Not good!  !
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Subject: State of Virginia Red Oval questions

I received a call from State of Virginia with the following questions regarding red ovals and I need assistance in responding. 


1.) Can we use red ovals?   Yes the color of red ink must be Pantone 032


2. ) Are there issues with the blind population in regards to seeing the red ovals?


3.) What is the acceptable width of the line that makes up the red oval?


4.) Can I print all ovals in black and then make a second pass at the ballot covering the black ovals with red ink?


5.) Does anyone have the printer specs for red ovals?


They would like a response by September 1, 2001 so that they can discuss at a state wide meeting.


Thanks in advance for your help.



Larry J. Dix

Vice President of Operations

Global Election Systems