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Dummy Phone Plugs in the Accu-Vote PHONE Jack.htm

For Cathi Smothers and others who have recently joined Global's support team, I've attached the one and only Customer Service Bulletin that Global has ever issued (to my knowledge).



August 7, 1998

SUBJECT: Dummy Phone Plugs in the Accu-Vote PHONE Jack

In the past, Accu-Vote users have purchased "dummy phone plugs" to plug-up the Accu-Vote PHONE jack so that poll workers in the field on election night weren't confused as to which jack to use. These dummy phone plugs have been found to cause intermittent problems when attempting to use the Accu-Vote's internal modem.

The solution is to remove the dummy phone plugs with the contacts and replace it with a dummy plug without contacts.

Dummy phone plugs "without contacts" (Part # 546-6231) are now available from Global Election Systems at a cost of US$0.15 each. If you would like to order them, please fax a purchase order/letter to:

Global Election Systems, Inc.

Attn: Order Desk

Fax # (972) 542-6044

Use care when removing the dummy phone plug from the Accu-Vote PHONE jack

(you may need to use a pair of needle nosed pliers). To ensure against potential problems, count the number of gold contacts in the plug just removed. There should be an even number (i.e., 2, 4, or 6). If there is a contact missing, please call your customer support representative for further instructions.