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RE: Virus Warning, etc.

As a possible option... www.McAfee.com produces a tool called Virus Scan Online -
VirusScan Online
ActiveShield, Scan, and Rescue Disk combine to ensure that your PC is totally protected from infection by the latest viruses.
This seems to update it self anytime you log onto to them on the net and makes it all happy happy.
So by subscribing and periodically going to there site and running this application on line it will scan clean and update your system with the latest and greatest antiviral fixes they have.
My $.02 cents worth
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No, it's not wrong but..., well, it can do more harm than good (although that harm is mostly to annoy Ken!) ;-) 

Well, the harm is the cost of everyone in the company spending an hour today installing/upgrading virus software as Dix suggested.  Whether that cost is greater or less than annoying Ken I can't say...



There are those in this company who live to annoy Ken.J   It could be argued this is a benefit, not a cost.J   However, concerned as we all should be with the overall health of the company, perhaps installing virus software occupies resources which could be better expended elsewhere.