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Re: AVTS Early Voting

Steve:  It's not so much polling places we're concerned about as Early Voting sites.
I'm didn't know there would be a hardware configuration difference between the two.  I thought that polling places and early voting sites shared the same database diskettes.
Are you saying that polling places with multiple languages (Chinese graphics included) could fit their database onto a 1.44MB floppy?
Would the polling place database never exceed the size of a 1.44MB floppy? 
Ian:  You just don't know when you'll need a floppy or and Imation disk.  It sounds like this should be a requirement on laptop pollbooks.  It's an extra on existing PollBooks, but will be standard on future PollBooks 
 Ken:  That would be a waste for non-VIBS polling places.  This was explained at length at least once before.