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Re: modem hangup

Charlie was at Walton and Calhoun.  I sent an e-mail for him a week or so ago explaining the situation at Walton.  Both Walton and Calhoun have the same (exactly the same) VTS configuration.  Calhoun's system works fine; Walton's doesn't.  The problem seems to be in the phone line system at Walton.  There is possibly a modem configuration that could remedy this situation.
Last I heard was that Tab or Charlie was contacting 3COM/US Robotics to determine a modem configuration that would work with Walton's phone lines.
I believe most of the other modem hang-up problems are with GEMS configurations. 
To All:  Have there been any other VTS modem hang-up problems recently other than Walton's?
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Sent: Monday, January 24, 2000 6:29 PM
Subject: modem hangup

Walton County, Florida, is experiencing the following upload problem:  the first upload to a particular modem is successful, but the next upload attempt to the same modem returns a busy signal.  The receiving modem may be successfully reset either by powering off and on again, or - configured with a handset - by lifting the receiver, then returning it to its cradle.  This problem occurs consistently.


I would like to compile a list of other clients that are experiencing this problem.


Nel Finberg