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Certified Versions

City of Saskatoon successfully used GEMS-1-11-1 for a 42 Accu-Vote modem upload election in May.  Another election in October with GEMS-1-11-1 uploaded only the number of Polls with no vote data.  Fortunately McKinney support identified 1-11-1 as a faulty version and a Readme was posted in July.  I reset and closed the database, downloaded GEMS-1-11-5 from the FTP site and had the election staff remove the Memory Cards from the Accu-Votes that had been returned to a depot a couple of blocks from election central and uploaded in direct mode.  This cost one hour. 
I had no excuse.  I should have known this version was not stable. 
I would like to suggest that a list is made of the versions that are stable (certified, recommended) for election purposes, or identify in a list those which should not be used so that this unfortunate experience is not repeated.

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