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New TS from Mckinney

Received 2 Win 98 TS from McKinney with two Advance Poll 3 1/2 floppies with TS labels.  One TS will not light up because cables have disconnected internally.  I found two and connected, bands of colour lit up the screen with lots of beeping but no further progress.  I guess super glue could be used instead of silicon to lock the cables to the board.
Ballot Station produces "Error initializing ballot select dialogue: Internal Error" after loading the Advance Poll, and Poll Book produces -Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'Level1ID = 48 AND Level2ID = 1 AND'
I assume the two floppies performed properly in McKinney.  I downloaded and installed AVTSIS-3-10-10.  Rodney suggested re-running MDAC,and I did, but still no joy.  Perhaps Karry produced the floppies on a version not compatible with the version of the TS I received.
What can I do to get the TS working?
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